When two cars try to knock each other off the road does it always result in a long and difficult duel? Roger Clemens was a special guest on this episode. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Youth DVD — Documentary films. Do birds flying in a trailer cause the trailer to become lighter? Are the Storm Chasers’ vehicles fit to withstand force 5 tornado speeds? Do pyramids have special powers? Also Titled Christmas special 2.

This is the first appearance of Kari Byron. Can a bottle of beer, when given a sudden shock, turn from a liquid and freeze into a solid? Can Adam and Jamie cross a canyon and reach civilization using only basic supplies, duct tape, and bubble wrap? Can a carton of milk keep a pistol’s muzzle flash from igniting a room full of flammable gas? Can mind control be achieved by various techniques? Will lost men really not stop and ask for directions? Open to the public DVD

Does eye black help athletes see? Can a cowboy shoot a gun out of a person’s hand without injuring him? Can a deep-sea diver’s body be crushed into his helmet if his air hose breaks?

Can a deadly crossbow be made from materials available to prison inmates?

Mythbusters Christmas Special Rube Goldberg Machine BEST QUALITY

What methods work best to repel snakes? How hard is it to find a needle in a haystack?

Can tape measures and wallets stop bullets? This is a Star Wars themed episode. Will a steam-filled railroad tank car collapse in on itself as it cools? Do people presented with the Monty Hall problem tend to stick with their first choice?


Mythbusters Rube Goldberg

General references that apply to most episodes “MythBusters Episode Guide”. Chirstmas Capers Will a black car heat faster than a white one? Can you put out a fire on a lake by turning a boat at an angle? Retrieved October 10, Will bullets spark when ricocheting off other objects? Can a fired bullet lodge in the chamber of a revolver? Archived from the original on May 24, Can water coming out of a hose with a speaker next to it create an optical illusion that it is going backwards? Can a laser dube be defeated?

Can a prisoner fire the ball from his ball-and-chain via a ceremonial epispde, launch himself over the prison wall, and survive? Tune-in and see it for yourself. Can a watch-sized electromagnet deflect a bullet? Is Bruce Lee’s famous one-inch punch really effective?

Can a car fueled by moonshine run as well as one running on gasoline? This episode showed outtakes from mytgbusters series. The MythBusters take a mega-myth straight from the fan site at Discovery. Could a kite struck by lightning in a storm kill the person holding it? Lists What are lists? Can a car drive up a ramp, fly through the air, land, and drive away? Bird Balance Can a water heater turned on its side be used as a cannon? This episode aired on the Science Chrisymas.

When the poop hits the fan, does everyone get covered in the ensuing chaos? Why are dimples crucial to the flight of golf balls?


Holiday Special

Are dry ice bombs lethal? Are various car myths from movies true? Can a combination of footwear and technique allow a person to run on water? Can you stuff 10 pounds of feces into a 5-pound bag?

“MythBusters” Holiday Special (TV Episode ) – IMDb

Duct Tape Hour 2″ [6]. Can a scuba diver be sucked up in a fire fighting helicopter? Can you touch molten lead without burning your skin? Holiday Special 06 Dec This is a special episode. Can vodka cure poison oak and remove band-aids painlessly? Search for ” Holiday Special ” on Amazon. Jamie and Adam have a contest to prove who is the Ultimate MythBuster.

Can a car tire burst into flames if it spins fast enough? Can a sneeze leave a person’s nose at around mph? Can a steel jaw sever a steel cable? Archived from the original on August 8, Can bracing a windshield keep it from shattering?

Is it possible to build a working cannon using duct tape? Can mirrors christmaw used to make a death ray? Can an explosion caused by a hot-water heater put out a fire? Do various fuel efficiency methods work?