First up, Adam and Jamie test two myths about the power of the zombie hoard. Add the first question. Deadliest Catch Crabtastic Special 08 May 6. Edit Did You Know? Time Bandit Scott Campbell Jr. Adam and Jamie installed a mock manhole cover inside a mock manhole that was dug by the owners of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, adding weights to the bottom because the cover itself weighed less than a real one.

Adam was also able to use sparks from the car’s battery to make a fire, after making duct tape handles for the battery’s wires which tended to get hot. The Build Team devised a “morning routine” test where the subjects had to get dressed, iron clothes, make tea, toast and a sandwich within five minutes while answering three trivia questions over a cell phone and ensuring that a robotic baby Buster did not crawl outside of a marked zone within the stage area. Next, Tory spent three hours driving a race car around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, but only lost 3 pounds 1. Which sex can parallel park with aplomb? When the explosive detonated, each of the canvases ended up almost entirely covered in paint. Women are better at parallel parking than men. Without the crab naps, Kari scored 27 and Tory scored 34, but after adding in the naps, Kari and Tory successfully doubled their scores in the re-test and then some with scores of 64 and Retrieved July 28,

Deadliest Catch captains Johnathan and Junior join the MythBusters to test if a crab pot will drag you overboard to the bottom if your foot is caught in a coil, if it’s better to work a hr grind with no sleep, and if crab pots truly are indestructible. Audible Download Audio Books.

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Ultimately, the men scored a Samples taken from swabbing the fuull areas yielded 3 for the paper towels and 41 for the sppecial dryers, confirming the second part.

Ten men and ten women took the test, with nine people from each gender asking for directions. Start your free trial. The stalls, numbered in order from the closest to the entrance as 1 to the farthest as 4had, and colonies, respectively.


Instead of propelling the boat towards a channel marker fearing that the boat would disintegratethey placed a metal pole on the sled and propelled it using two rocket motors.

Kari used Tory as a sacrifice and Grant used a robotic decoy; both tactics were successful.

Retrieved August 11, Working a hour shift with minute naps every six hours results in double the performance of not getting any sleep. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. In addition, a tally of the users of each stall showed that the stalls were used by 23, 38, 34 and 24 people, respectively. Adam using the foam axe averaged 14 kills across two runs, while Jamie using a modified shotgun only averaged 7 kills across two runs.

Jamie speculated the reason for this may be the human body largely being made up of water and water’s lack of compressibility, thus making the human body ineffective as a cushion.

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A person seated ddeadliest overweight policemen in the backseat of a car can survive the impact of a T-bone collision from a truck driving at highway speed. Jamie’s device in this episode [6] Jamie first experimented with various nozzle shapes until he found one that created a large, rectangular spread of paint. Can the force of many people bust down a door? Retrieved January 24, Wikiquote has quotations related to: Because 5 times more explosive was required than used in the show, the team declared the myth busted.

Is a bathroom’s hand dryer better than a paper towel? When the dynamite mhthbusters off, the paint sprayed to cover hardly any of the area of the walls. Working a hour shift with a minute nap every six hours results in double the performance of not getting any sleep.

Next, they enlisted 16 volunteers to have their hands sprayed with a harmless strain of Escherichia coli bacteria, then eoisode for a sample, then washed using water but no crzbtastic, then specia again, then dried using paper towels, then swabbed a third time.

Edit Details Release Date: The MythBusters tied several of the ropes together and used them to slowly climb down one of the walls of the canyon, taking advantage of a few ledges and footholds along the way. Kari and Tory both completed the course with perfect scores when well-rested.


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He managed to survive, and found a large rock afterwards on which to rest and reenter the boat. The lbs kg crab pots used on Deadliest Catch are indestructible. Pilots Specials.

Inspired by Bering Sea crab boat shifts lasting as long as 30 hours, which leads to some mythbusers swearing by this myth. The team fitted their gram charge with a blasting cap to ensure it would explode, then set it off.

This is a special episode. Round 2 ” [1].

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The MythBusters declared the myth busted on the basis that throwing objects is a skill that can be learned with equal effectiveness by both genders, and that any perceived difference is due to cultural myhtbusters that exposes males to more ball sports. Adam and Jamie set up a small-scale test using a remote-controlled toy motorcycle and a fabricated small pond of scaled depth, but in all their test runs, the high-speed camera showed the RC motorcycle riding mostly along the bottom of the pond.

Finally, Adam and Jamie enlisted softball pitcher Jordan Taylor for the test, and found that her form was identical to that of Greg Reynolds. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! All of the myths in this episode are related to Deadliest Catcha television show about crab fishing in the Bering Sea. Himself – Host Kari Byron Concentrated hydrofluoric acid in a bathtub can completely destroy a human cragtastic and eat a hole through the tub and the bathroom floor below it.

After 7 years, it’s back to unsolved Myth-teries: Grant and Kari lost 1 pound 0. Retrieved July 27,