But we can’t deny the role of V V Shirvadka aka Kusumagraj original play Kiran Yadnyopavit and Abhijeet Deshpande’s richly creative dialogues in helping this Mahesh Manjrekar film reach such a high level. Priyank Shah January 7th, – Critics always see from the point of criticism, in other way that is what is selling now a days in market. Viv1 July 9th, – No matter how much ever the play is great , the fact is the film does have similarities with Baghban and other similar films. Tommy January 11th, –

Gajanan Chitra Great Maratha Entertainment. Mrutuchya mahasarpana jivanala asa dankh maravaa ki nantar yenarya nidrela nasava jagruticha kinara kdhihi… Pan tya nidrelahi punha Swapn padu lagali tar… Tar… Ithach mekh ahe.. Amrutachya sari barsalya kay karu re mi ya kshananch? Music for this film is composed by Ajit Parab. However, all said, critics should be there to understand the other side of the story…. Keyur Seta January 22nd, – Well, Aditya I feel you did not understand the depth of this movie.

How one wishes they had natsamray utilized more effectively in the film. Some scenes also leave a lump in your throat, such as the scene in which Vidya accuses her father of stealing money. Keyur Seta January 4th, – Appa serves tea at a tea stall where he enthralls his customers with his poetry recitals and dialogue from his plays.

To be or not To be that is the question… Jagavaa ki maravaa ha ekach saval ahe… Ya duniyechya ukiradyavar kharakatya patravalicha tukada houn jagavaa bhesharam lachar anandana… Ki fekun dyava he dehacha laktar tyat gundalalelya janivechya yatanesaha mrutuchya kalyashar dohamadhe. He is supported by a boot polishwala named Raja. Like this blog on Facebook. The film is about renowned Shakespearean actor, Ganpat Ramchandra Belwalkar Nana Patekarwho has retired from the stage diallog the honorific Mocie King of the Theater.


Bec v hv already seen nana playing that role wl b v interesting to see how bachchan wl play that role. That film is so shallow. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. You’ll like it – https: To pi or not to pi That is the question Pyavi ki piu naye ha ek jatil sawal aay Jagnya chya manthana madhe mansachya hati lagla ek adhbhut rasayan rang rup rass naach aani gandha aashi panchyandriyana uthe jana denara dehachya aat vaslelya diallog ulmanga euphoric aavasta pradhan karnara.

The terrific camaraderie between Patekar and Gokhale is what dailog it even more memorable. Bhaskar mala nyayla aalela aahe …….

Are vedya tuzya sarkhe karmayatri mhanze ya dharevarchya mansanche dipstambha …. Moreover, we, the Indian audiences are suckers for melodrama and often accept the same happily. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by natsamrrat. Keyur Seta January 5th, – Deepjeevani January 23rd, – Thanks a lot for your praise.

Great question in dis movie…. Gaurav waghmare January 30th, – Views Read Edit View history.

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Marathi theatre is well known for several of its illustrious plays and one really wondered why filmmakers never really hit upon the idea of adapting them for the silver screen. And with the right amount of restraint, even melodrama can be pulled off convincingly.


Siddarth, however continues with his conviction regarding Appa being the great actor. Subodh — Perhaps I am quite naive and ignorant enough to understand the meaning of the words unlike you and maybe you could help me understand the so called depth and greatness of the film.

To be not to be…that is the question.??????

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Being a reputed and acclaimed stage actor, Belwalkar is expected to mentor the lead actor and endorse his acting, diaalog talents or the lack of it. There is no harm in making the issue of parental neglect the mainstay of the film, since it is an issue which exists in our society even in this day and age.

To be or Not to be…. On another occasion Appa insults Rahul’s boss’s son when he could not stand his weak adaption of Othello. Kaveri tells Appa that Moie had overdosed on sleeping pills and that he is no more to which Appa confesses that he gave the pills to him implying that, it was his last wish. Now what I have understood in all these comments is Aditya is a critic……. Dr kish January 22nd, –