Sherlock and Joan investigate the murder of a man Sherlock considered one of New York’s worst private investigators. Sherlock gives her access to his box of unsolved cases. Retrieved July 17, Meanwhile, Joan meets with an old friend and finds out that a Detective Cortez has been asking questions about her. After spending three months in Vermont during which his post-concussion syndrome had abated, Holmes returns to the brownstone. Retrieved 17 April Bookmark it, or subscribe for the latest updates. She reveals herself as a girl named Cassie who is conning the Davenports for Mina’s trust fund but now believes they actually killed their daughter.

Sherlock encourages Joan to learn self-defense, eventually admitting to her that he knows she is no longer his official sober companion. The action drama centers on the high-stakes NCIS division, charged with. Working undercover with advanced technology, these highly trained agents readily risk their lives to bring. Not trusting her, Sherlock instigates further investigation, finding blood in the Davenports’ car. A dangerous gang leader Jon Huertas has Sherlock kidnapped and orders him to find out who killed the gang’s best smuggler. The security expert’s wife is also arrested for the mechanic’s murder.

Retrieved April 30, Paperwork at the scene leads Sherlock to believe someone in the government had supplied the killer with information about his victim’s whereabouts and Sherlock’s suspicions are validated when he and Joan visit an NSA front. Sherlock returns home to find Joan safe, and Mycroft reveals that he is working for MI6.

Archived from the original on Streamig 21, Holmes and Watson investigate the poisoning of a relocation expert and discover the man led a decades-long secret career as a contract killer before his death.

Ellen’s husband is arrested, but Sherlock identifies her brother Nolan as the true killer. Retrieved November 16, Streamlng after, Holmes and Watson are called to investigate the murder of a woman whose body parts have been found in concrete slabs.


She refuses to allow Joan to reveal their relationship, hindering streamong investigation when her former drug dealer becomes the main suspect.

Also, Sherlock and Joan’s latest case puts them on the hunt for a treasure map rumored to lead to stgeaming fortune in pirate’s gold hidden off of New York City. Sherlock’s father does not show up for a meeting, but Joan receives a call from one of his associates predicting a visit as early as the following week.

The woman’s background and family seems clean, but a call girl soon reveals that their victim may be in some illegal business.

streamihg Ina group of people were hired by the government to devise a terror plot for a war game simulation. They track down a woman named Tabitha Laird, a coworker of Gruner’s at a charity he donates to. LA’ and other originals unchanged: Joan confronts Sherlock about Sudomo Han and his history with Mycroft, which Sherlock brings to his brother as a means for sason.

Sherlock and Joan investigate the death by helium asphyxiation of a researcher who had been testing the “hound”, a breathalyzer for detecting cancer. Epsode journals are found to be full of descriptions of ways to kill Janet, but his alibi leads Sherlock to suspect his father of killing her to protect his son.

She and Sherlock have a past and their association ended when she published an article profiling Sherlock that predicted his forthcoming addiction. Sherlock quickly disarms the bomb and deduces that it was not Vikner, but another member of his group who wants to dethrone him by killing them, thus breaking Moriarty’s rule of not harming him and Joan. Watson meets with Peisode ex-girlfriend.

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Finding out from Captain Gregson streamin he and Joan ncus fired from the police department, Sherlock keeps them both focused on a case of two missing women from Detective Bell tells Sherlock that he is not going to take the job before Captain Gregson tells him to take the job and he is proud of him.


She was also the only woman to make the top Two weeks later, Sherlock is turning up only empty leads.

Retrieved February 22, As Sherlock is reviewing known evidence, which leads him to the conclusion that, instead of the imprisoned Moriarty, someone else is wielding the scepter in her organization, Morland’s office is bombed by the Russian hitman. Six months after Joan has moved out, she is running her own investigation firm and helps bust female drug kingpin Elana March Gina Gershon.

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Lestrade loses his job and comes to stay with Sherlock and Joan. While Joan makes plans to move into a new apartment, Sherlock streaning MI6 to tell them he is willing to enlist in the organization.

Before they dose episodw, Holmes receives a call from Michael telling him he is leaving and will postpone his killings until Holmes can get better, after which he will return to New York. Robert Doherty Teleplay by: Perrette has worked in television and film, mostly doing commercials, voice-overs, music videos and short films.

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Conrad Woodbine is their cleaner. Archived from the original on Sherlock’s close friend Alistair suddenly dies, which catches Holmes off guard. Retrieved June 19, — via Twitter.

Immediately identifying the prints as Mycroft’s, Sherlock visits his brother’s home to inform him that he is being framed as the mole. A lawyer for a big tobacco company is murdered the day before that company was about to undergo a big merger.