Metal grease filters from Neff come in two styles. The controls are usually positioned on the front. Please refer to page 39 for more information and to see the complete appliance range. The other benefit is that you get greater fabric care and therefore less creasing when washing a normal sized load. You may unquestionably its this vicinity you may aquire a lower priced a particular. It works by maintaining the same wash temperature throughout the cycle, eliminating any bacteria and increasing the water level throughout.

You could also use milk or dark chocolate if you are not a fan of white chocolate. The plan protects against parts and labour costs for approved repairs. Hidden behind a furniture door, they pull out when you need them. For the reason that chiseled computer screen Tv sets could be the business expansion current market and the selling prices of your larger systems currently have fell a lot in the past 5yrs this is a advancement field. Storing these separate foods within these zones also prevents intermingling of smells and avoids cross-contamination. The sound information we present can be measured on this chart, so you get a great comparison against everyday sounds for a truly informed choice. Data valid in this table as of October The grill element is situated in the oven roof.

BSH Home Appliances Ltd reserves the right to modify technical data and all other information contained within this brochure without notice. As clever as it looks, this fantastic feature is perfect for hands-on cooks as it provides an easy and flexible approach to using your oven. There are two types of ovens in the Neff family. The plan protects against parts and labour costs for approved repairs.

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You may unquestionably its this vicinity you may aquire a lower priced a particular. Selecting Intensive Plus 70 will activate the Chef 70 Programme. DosageAssist works just as effectively with powder, gels or liquid detergents.


Our top-of-the-range washing machines use less water, electricity and detergent than most other models in their class, while our washer dryers are also energy efficient. All other freezers will require occasional defrosting. Lian, Neff Expert 2. Let there be light!

The stylish glass canopy on this model co-ordinates well with Neff glass hobs and makes a real design statement. The best way to remove steam and odours is to extract the air out of the room through ducting.

On the plus side, they are inexpensive, easy to get hold of and fi t when they need replacing. The grill element is situated in the oven roof. This system provides a sleek, stylish solution to ventilation by drawing air in through the plinth and fits seamlessly into the overall design.

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The combination of these two features means that detergent can penetrate deeper into fabrics and the rinse will be more thorough, providing perfect wash results. The section maintains a lower temperature to the rest of the fridge, keeping food fresh and tasty for longer. This means there is little residual heat left over once cooking is finished making induction hobs much safer and easy to clean than other fuel types.

However, technical progress has now led to a situation where most appliances today fall within the best energy classes.

During that time period, any repairs sries need will be carried out by your local Neff engineer. These are made of non-combustible metal and are designed to last for the lifetime of the product. In the Neff eShop, we offer a large range of Neff accessories to assist you in the kitchen when cooking.

The range also includes a compact oven, two inn CircoSteam ovens, steam ovens, warming drawers and a coffee centre. Our compact appliances are designed to work together seamlessly and simultaneously, increasing your cooking options and extending your horizons in the kitchen. Tried, tested and trusted, it still has a loyal following.


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All our accessories and spare parts can be ordered online via our website, www. Most ovens feature an internal lighting system, but pans and trays cast shadows which reduce visibility. This is a great choice if you want to use oven functionality but with the added benefi t of speed that the microwave function will give you. VarioDrawer Plus is perfect for washing small items such as cutlery, espresso cups and utensils safely, freeing up capacity in other drawers.

The time delay lets you pre-programme the dishwasher in advance to take advantage of off sngle electricity costs. They work in conjunction with the paddles, which are designed to provide a greater movement of water and better agitation of clothes.

Grease a 23cm 9in dark metal flan tin, 5cm 2in deep. Gas on glass offers a sleek and classy alternative to steel.

Heat travels to the centre of the oven by natural conduction. We also sell a range of branded Neff-approved cleaning products, which have been tested for use on our appliances. There are no parts to remove or difficult nooks and crannies to negotiate with a cloth. This setting instructs your hood to automatically refresh your kitchen environment by running on power level 1 in five im bursts every hour.

For the smaller kitchen where space is at a premium.