Can their relationship survive these lies? Andrew is on the phone to various companies asking them to put posters up, resorting in desperation to giving away 2 for 1 tickets. Episode Ep 17 Jan 31, Episode Ep 96 May 21, Meanwhile, Sophie prepares to apologise to Priya. Michael has some big news for Tash that will change her life forever. Meanwhile, Paul gives Priya an ultimatum.

Episode Ep Dec 4, Or will Sophie and Kate be forced to work it out? Paul Robinson Jordan Patrick Smith Episode Ep Sep 6, Episode Ep Jul 13, He wonders if he could ask Summer to do an article. Paul is furious with Sophie for going to the party, but that’s just the start of his worries.

Kate’s feelings for Kyle are out of control. Callum Jones Stefan Dennis Neighbours has since become the longest running drama series in Australian television and init was inducted collectively into the Logie Hall of Fame.

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Episode Ep May 25, Meanwhile, Toad’s stress overwhelms him. Summer doesn’t think it would be professional and Red Cotton are already in the listings. Chris feelslike that his friends are ignoring him. Episode Ep 97 May 22, Preview After sixteen years, Ramsay Street’s most horrifying secret is about to come out Will the wedding go ahead? Season 1 Episode Paul Robinson Jordan Patrick Smith Episode Ep Aug 31, This is the strangest funeral I’ve ever been to.


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Amy and Steph need to secure new funds at the wellness centre. Is this the end for Lucas and Emilia? Susan asks Summer to write a dating column after she is pressured to produce more popular content. Episode Ep 37 Feb 28, Vanessa and Lucas bond over their complicated relationship.

About Show — Neighbours is an Australian television soap neighboufs. Episode Ep 32 Feb 21, Episode Ep Aug 13, When Tash retreats to her room, Emilia seeks reassurance from Michael that he is happy for her to give Tash the jacket he is so she admits that she can now finally let Helena go. Is he really ready to move on to something serious? Jade has a surprise in store for Kyle, heighbours is she just trying to take the edge off her real news?

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In a huge week of Neighbours, Rani struggles with her decision to keep quiet about her mum and Paul. Episode Ep 44 Mar 8, Andrew keeps on at her though, telling her she’s his last chance.


Troy’s presence in Ramsay Street causes stress for Sonya. Full Cast and Crew.

Neignbours is a pause. Lonely Karl decides to try his hand at internet dating. Sheila is able to convince Kyle that a huge romantic gesture is needed to win back Jade. Meanwhile, Susan uncovers some of Bradley’s secret past. It’s time to see his family. Or will Sophie and Kate be forced to work it out?