We would like to hear about your experiences quality, accuracy, turnaround-times etc. Well, you have pushed the art to a new level… ” Robert Chow. I have just sent an e-mail to him to find out what the latest situation is, but, to be quite honest, I’ve more or less given up hoping to see my photos. Overview Discussions Photos Members Map. Note This company has been closed! Overview Discussions Photos Members Map. Some labs also offer lenticular images from digital stereo pairs – watch the appropriate websites for their requirements. These sources are provided for information only and do not imply recommendation by Stereoscopy.

It says 3D, but it sure doesn’t seem like it. I’m hoping I can charge enough to make it pay off for the uniqueness of the image. Thanks from a nooobe of 3D. I got no reply from them, and assummed that they had gone out of business except that the e-mail was not bounced back undeliverable, as I would have expected ” “Reading the stories posted on your web site of films never being returned, cheques being banked but no photographs received, e-mails unanswered, various excuses being made, etc. Anyone who does C, E6 or black and white can develop it. They are long gone. Save Cancel Drag to set position! No, create an account now.

Please let me reassure you that your film is safe and secure, and has been processed into negatives to ensure that it does not deteriorate. Information correct as of March 09, Thanks in advance, ACG.


They have just updated prices etc. I just purchased a new camera and all the directions keep saying is that you must use ASAdoes it really matter? Save Cancel Drag to pprocessing position!

Last two rolls I’ve used in my N were iso, didn’t really notice much of a diference when scanning them.

Photographer Carl David Jones explains his process for creating moving images with an unusual vintage camera from the s.

Nishika 3D camera image developing

More GIFs to get lost in: Yes, my password is: I used it a few times nihsika the effect is really cool. In Octobertheir telephone numbers have been disconnected.

Any advice on the film would be appreciated. Has anyone shot and found it’s not fast enough for indoors?

Are you a photographer? On a sunny day, ASA would be pretty close. But since it is just two half frame pictures on a standard negative, it shouldnt be a problem. I am expecting to print it within a month or two from now.

How to Make 3D GIFs With a Nishika N Camera

Useful Searches Useful Searches. Since I have a scanner capable of scanning negatives, I do that as well. The 3-D process can be done after the developing. So I can take the images into Photoshop and stitch my GIFs together using a technique that suits me best.

The cost advertised to develop a 36 picture roll, from which you will get 18 3d images, is 54 dollars! The cheque was cashed straight away. However, I’m not procedsing how to develop the images. But this is exceptionally rare, as I find I will only get about eight to ten usable gifs per roll, and then only about three to four that I actually like per roll.


Sizes x, x, x mm. I sent the roll to a place in Nevada. It’s not a precision engineered camera by any means, so a stop either way won’t kill you. Can someone nishhika something down for me. Xamera use the epson In Septemberthey claimed to have switched to digital nishia and expected to have a turnaround-time of 2 weeks by the end of The only place I’ve found is www.

I borrowed one of these cameras and not sure how to fil, these prints. Maureen Bond 9 years ago. Please contact them directly for specific information. Very good depth and clarity. I’ll give the scanner a try at first and I can quickly find this out within 24 hours. Photos OK to edit. I’m going to start taking pics today, assuming the camera still works, so hopefully in a few weeks I can let all know how it went. I was kind stunned at first glace of it.