Print screen from the television guide advertisement of the documentary Tora i miecz. And the others are used to different channels perceiving public television as boring, etc. During the whole week different episodes were presented, however in the TV guide the detail information was not provided. A lot of media providers include in their offer public channels, and their subscribers are convinced that one payment is enough. Especially good example here is the television series Wojenne dziewczyny War girls. May 6 and May 7 are free from any celebration in Poland, however in television programming one can expect the Victory Day information and movies, and in the net one can find some articles about it to start the debate. And the same problem appeared — nobody commented the documentary, but here nobody likes it either. It was popular among audience last year, during the commemoration of national holiday.

Common users of social media celebrate by publishing their own pictures of flag in different places, however, the historical content of this type of posts is rather minimal. Polish national heritage has local aspect. This holiday was introduced in anew, one year after the beginning of system transformation. However, it is hard to say, if it is effective. The production of the series is not finished yet, producers are active on Facebook, they presented some stages of the episode production etc. First, a lot of programs produced or broadcast by the public television is focused on culture, lifestyle etc.

Another problem was mentioned at the beginning of the report: TVP Kultura or commercial e.

Polish media monitoring, the week of 1-7 May 2017

The focus is on the given region, site, city, and its cultural history. The Polish government tries to find the solution to this problem, so far — unsuccessfully. It means special net-life of the movie, despite the lack of comments from the audience. The short clips and the space of social reportages participate in creating memory. The illustration of the results is not so simple, because of repetitions and connections between different levels of ramifications.

The information about TV series and some feature films is provided in the following services: In some TV channels public e. Mirroring of some TV shows in the net.

TVP Historia put on Twitter some photos and information about programming, some other channels put also videos as twits.

The YouTube could be good example here. It can be considered as a programming without any special intent, however one can also tv it interesting to the differentiated audience, to people who are interested in war, in heroism, or in cultural heritage. The series was also commented in the net, viewers shared good opinions about it.


It is the tendency to enrich the vision of history, which sometimes is narrowed to political issues and wars. It could be the gesture toward multicultural tradition of prewar Poland, and traditions of Polish honor and sense of justice.

The series was produced to commemorate the anniversary of the Baptism of Poland in A lot of documentaries are enriched by some parts of animation or feature film style, and represents more than one genre.

However, in comparison to the weekend days — the number of hours is almost doubled. Another task for the future research can be connected with the gathering useful material with using the snowball technique.

All 22 comments were in Polish, supposedly then the viewers were only Poles, the main language of this international production is Polish, in the background one can here English narrative.

However, the celebration was not so important as onlibe dramatic condition of the Royal Castle in Warsaw.

Jerzy Hoffmanso one can say that the day was dedicated to Henryk Sienkiewicz as an author. Data connected with Polish national flag, colors, and history of flag were provided in the news in all TV channels, of private and public networks.

In the 20 th century it had been celebrated sinceduring the interwar period. The task was fascinating, however, some doubts appeared when I analyze the gathered materials. During the first day of May public TV programming was loaded with historical materials. History in this series is presented in vivid way, focus is on culture, everyday life in different epochs, etc. The character of programing can be simplified as the popularization of history, which still is alive [11].

However, using TV guide or using the internet site of the series could be confusing.

However, twits from official, institutional sources such as television are not so popular as twits posted by celebrities, politicians, or even some popular historians. The comments to particular parts of this television series, or to the other series such as Sensacje XX wieku Sensations of 20 th century were also gathered through years.

The documentary Polonais on the Polish pioneers in America https: And the others are used to different channels perceiving public television as boring, etc.


23 Best Łomnicki images | Drama film, Poland, Film

And even jieczem channel TVP Historia, dedicated to popularizing history, broadcast vtp less historical content. During the whole day in a lot of channels the programming was rather entertaining, some TV series and movies create the atmosphere of weekend such as Tutanchamon.

Considering the periods of history, the least popular were distant epochs such as the ancient times or Renaissance, the most popular — was 20 th century I took into account the contemporary history up to the end of cold war in Special sections of the programming are prepared especially for these purposes. In the public television — the majority of shows were of domestic production, but not so new. During the monitoring week miefzem episodes from the series appeared 16 times in the television offer some of them in form of repetition, of course.

And visions oyniem history, and genre of program are secondary to the teaching potential of a given film, show, reportage, television series. In comparison with the three holidays, the hours of historical programming have decreased twice.

What is interesting — almost all public television programs or series of programs have their promotion also in the net. The circulation of content between different portals, sites, social media could be good task for the next step of the research. From the 20 th century WW2 was discussed and presented the most frequently during the monitoring period. The series is prepared with passion, and presents Poland as interesting, ogjiem country you can be proud of.

HISTORY – Aktualny Program TV

Some TV channels and special programming have their own sites on Facebook, some parts of filj are present on Twitter, etc. The program shows how can we understand the past by preserving the monuments, artifacts, books, collections etc.

The procedure of research was simple, I traced the programming and some comments in the net. However, it is not easy to find the appropriate key to classifying the materials found in the net.