Also make very sure you don’t have any dust or debris on the bottom of the cloth. Find all posts by hdgis1. Olhausen Americana by dominospot on Mon Jan 17, Hi guys, Can anyone give me simple instructions on the disassembly of an Olhausen Americana table? Find all posts by Skess. Saturday I took a trip to my local Olhausen dealer to look at the Eclipse and others and came away having put a deposit on an Americana.

Poplar is an excellent hardwood for constructing a well built table. It is a bargin that you have to be willing to accept. Haskin Custom, Madden High Run: I just think if you arent sweating the difference in cost, if any??? You can look at it 2 ways. And yes, I would upgrade the ball set as well.

Is there a reason I would want a better table? Americana has Poplar rails that will last for many years but amegicana show alot more wear over time. Posts must be in English or have an English translation.

They are also more consistant with finishing by using the UV catalized varnish. The Eclipse comes standard with Accufast cushions. You may advertise in the Advertising forum only.

More questions are answered here. I had them put the Simonis not standard on it and 2 years later, it’s still playing great. According to the seller, the cloth is in good condition, so I prefer to try and reuse the cloth on re-assembly if I can.

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Find all posts by Club Billiards. Tht Americana is a solid wood table and the Eclipse is a veneer. Poplar is an excellent hardwood for constructing a well built table. The top rails, legs, aprons, leg plates and corner trim are solid use maple as an example The top rails will ne the most important difference in the two tables. I am getting a good deal I think on it since they have the table in stock, but am concerned about the cushions.


I guess it’s going to be upgrading to Accufast on the Americana or change order to Eclipse. Are you saying that I can just “pull” on the cloth and the staples will come out with the cloth? The Americana is a really nice table especially for the money.

Olhausen doesnt cover these cushions under their lifetime warranty. However I think I’m set on the Americana and decided to throw he name out there on here real quick because it can never hurt even with all your research on tables to get a litle more opinion before I drop the money on it.

Find all posts by PoolTable I’m not a pro, but I do take my pool seriously.

That is clearly stated on olhausdn warranty for both cushions. The moderators reserve the right to edit, delete, or prune any and all Messages which, in our opinion, violates any of the rules as stated above.

It appears to be older, but still in good shape. No spamming, trolling, flaming or use of foul, defamatory or abusive language. Meaning corner structure, cross mebers, sub-rails and even slate liners.

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Its really based on your preference but there are some features on the Eclipse that I think will save you money in the long run. You can take care of the rubber now while the table is already apart, or you can wait until you need a recover, since the cloth is in good shape.

Find all posts by hdgis1. All, I am in the market for a table, knowing very little. I had looked at the eclipse as well due to the advant of a wider variety in finish and a wider rail, and it’s still an outside possibility. The only veneer on the table is the cabinet. The table I ordered was: Contact Us – AzBilliards.


Although those slates are “heavy”! So what do you think??? New Jersey- the Garden State. How important is the playability in your reviiew Originally Posted by Club Billiards With the backing on Olhausens, you can get away with seties a lot of the time, but it depends on what size staples they used and how many.

I could be way off on this Olhausen are good tables. Offenders will be warned and may be banned for non-compliance. You’ll probably have plenty on there. I couldn’t find much more info, so can someone provide some thoughts: Find all posts by PoolTable View Blog. If so, what kind and what model? Welcome to the forum Brian. I’m sure if you’ve been to your reviww this has already been explained to you.

Also make very sure you don’t have any dust or debris on the bottom of the cloth. For the money, they are a good home table.

It is used by good table manufacturers as the internal components of the table. We had one in my family for years and it took quite a beating as we grew up. The cushions will break down but there is no telling when. Then you’ll want to brush it out really good before the rails go back on so you can get any of the stuff that gathers under the rails.