If leading a sheltered life means making a mistake once, learning from it and moving on, then yeah, I’ve lead a sheltered life. Post as a guest Name. The OM had a mechanical, vertical-running shutter in contrast to the traditional OM cameras with their horizontal-running shutter. Sadly to say, he had failed to load any film in his camera. Since the purchase of my first 35mm camera, the Diax, I have also loaded and photographed but not necessarily owned with an old Kodak Pony; a Kodak Signet 35; various models of Pentax’s, Nikon’s, Canon’s, Olympus’s, Yashica’s, Rollei’s, Miranda’s, Kodak Retina’s; etc. Once while shooting a hockey game for the pleasure of it, I rewound the film in somewhat of a daze – lack of sufficient sleep from the night before; then I became conscious, heard the film pop, and then felt the rewind knob loose spinning around as I turned it.

When you get to the end, you have to crank enough to pull the leader out of the take-up spool, which gives the crank a distinctly different feel. Two-digit or more model numbers, or letters, meant a ‘consumer’ camera designed for ease of use. Unfit url CS1 maint: Olympus SLR cameras Lens mounts. If they have a reloadable cartridge on hand, they should be able to salvage the film and have it developed for you, should this actually be the case. A “sheltered life” indeed! Also known in some markets as the OM-PC, the OM had a program mode that automated the selection of both the aperture and the shutter speed.

So you see, I have my own range of interesting experiences.

Someone please help me – rewinding film in manual camera

When you went to “rewind” the film, the leader simply “popped” off or away from the take up spool or mechanism and easily spun while you were supposedly rewinding the film, i. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Thanks very much for your confirming responses in assisting Jordan with his dilemma.


I am now thinking what happened was I tore the film. Two rolls were OK but the last roll I misloaded. William KahnDec 17, Professional and advanced-amateur demand for the high-end models continued, and they were produced untilalong with the consumer-grade OM When I reached the end of the roll There are also a number of very inexpensive tools for doing the same job if you think you might need to do it on a regular basis.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. In either case, I’d take it to a camera shop with a darkroom and have them open the back of the camera in their darkroom or in a changing bag. Rwind article needs additional citations for verification. As for mistakes, I’ve been there as well. I’m sending this film off today anyway, so I’ll find out in a couple of days if there is an issue.

She failed to check the reverse turning reaind the rewind knob.

Someone please help me – rewinding film in manual camera | Photography Forums

It featured a multi-spot metering system shared with the OM-4 in addition to the centre-weighted metering of the earlier body. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Four Thirds system Micro Four Thirds system. It lacked a self-timer, however.

Olympus OM system

When you load film, rewlnd the return crank while you advance to the first frame. The cartridge is fine. A local pro lab will hopefully help me out with this. He was at the wedding of his only son and when he went to rewind the film, there was no resistance, i.

Olympus om 10 how to rewind film

It also had an early form of matrix metering, and a mirror lock-up facility. I definitely had turned the knob to enable rewinding too. Essentially an OM with auto-focus capability.


That dial with the stripe and “R” is the rewind release. Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt. I’ve needed to rewid the same thing before with my FED 2 the first and only time I tried to get a roll through it without trimming the film leader, but that’s another story.

The OM also had a built-in shutter-speed dial, a mode display in the view finder and a much folm winding mechanism which permitted it to be used at 5 frames per second on the OM Motor Drive 2. I ran my first roll of film through an Olympus OM10 I bought on ebay.

I had kept winding it thinking it was a 36 exposure roll. A “sheltered life” indeed!

You never want to force something on a camera, but some gentle persuasion is usually okay. The combination of on-lens aperture control and the generous ‘ flange focal distance ‘ make OM lenses adaptable with limited functionality to a variety of other camera systems — including Canon EOS models — by using a mount-specific adapter.

This was activated when the self-timer was switched on, a feature still rarely found in non-high-end cameras. William has led a sheltered life if he’s only misloaded one type of camera. Retrieved from ” https: You might lose your first frame, probably not more than that.

I didn’t wish to have my students fail – in any way, whatsoever – in their early photographic endeavors.