You have transferred gold to Energy Alcon. Thanks; Do you accept EK’s? Pm me ill help you solve both of the problems! Aug 22 , About 7 new people joined already and about planning to transfer very soon. D me and my buddy are bored and may make new chars to help. I wont promise that I wont get any high level but I’ll make sure that I join in on a few kills!

Aug 20 , Aug 07 , Saw our allied guild killing an enemy, decided to help out. The character Bashy Alcon has been created. Let the SDing begin! More sd power we have the better: So had a bit of a mishap with my mouse the other day, threw my main backpack in the bin haha..

I’m gonna make a char tonight to join in.

Nice pm me with name and ill give u vent acces! We pk mostly at k night after pm so most of us had already dinner then: Back in valoria austen? Nice dude, i have a 57 ms on Valoria: The character Bashy Alcon has been created. Anyone intrested in watching bot knight killing spree in like 20 min on tibiacast?

You have transferred gold to Energy Alcon. Dropping 2 Afk botters from the enemy guild!

Bashy alcon has been invited. Kicks has stopped for now: Yoyo i got a ek and would be really fun to have a team to pk msg me in-game Xero Axe.

This is a fun and extremely well organised team, people should get into this asap! Thought id throw a pic up of the progress thus oaranaue Ill make a char!


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Btw, which software do u recommend using when recording Tibia? Well yeah everyone had a spare frag and almost everyone had to leave at Some level RP Aug 16 I would like to let everyone know that we have possibilities to get warmode, Its already sent but i want more people and higher levels till i accept!

We might bring many people if someone is skulled, but for sure we didn’t unjust ure lvl 70 with 8 people haha yes you did but it was fun ; i wanna join i has mage but dont wanna change name. Aug 07 Let the SDing begin! Gotta love double exp with happy hour! Saying you play from pm doesn’t really narrow it down for me: Where is my guild invite?

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Pm me ill help you solve both of the problems! Its needed for ventrilo account: About 7 new people joined already and about planning to transfer farg soon. I’m sure we’ll gladly take you! Hopefully more fun than libera was haha It sure is! D Link to the first movie: Thought it could be intresting to know; How often do you go for a “pk-tripp”?

Hehe how does it fdag guys? D Haha i dono, im pretty settled on isara but there isn’t much happening there at the moment!


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This is why I cant have nice things hahaha. This will be great. Damn, I’ll make a character maybe when the kicks stop: Add me on skype and ill talk to you: Libera is boring as fuck now, need something to do other than lvl: Arel Deno RP killed a lvl 40 alcon, ran into mols and managed to drop skull Aug 08 P and next time birng 2 mages isntead 6 to kill a below lv 50 xD i wanna join but dont wanna change the name in a shitty alcon name still will see you guys around!

If someone decides to make a character, i will ofcourse sponsor you with some basic eq and some money! Leaning towards ED but i’m not sure, halp: And thats what we gave him today, after attacking my bot knight!

Name is Energy Alcon. Aug 20 Rs is gone on my “main” pk char: Transferring a ms to Valoria at the next SS, ill make some money makers too to keep me busy!

Had a small a battle in darashia desert: See you in Tibia!