I saw the trailers, enjoyed King of Queens, and thought I’d enjoy this Kevin James jaunt as a Saturday afternoon film. This movie was really good. Yes, we all know it’s not meant for critical acclaim but for pure comical entertainment and it delivers. It pretty much captures the spirit of the movie. A New Beginning movie streaming and Download. The bad guys were so believable and moved like it was nothing. If there’s any major shortcoming to be found, it’s that the movie is pretty inconsequential, and will probably be forgotten by me a few months from now.

The whole theater was cracking up. The bad guys get around the mall with mountain bikes, skate boards and by utilizing some impressive parkour moves. James turns him into a likable and surprisingly sympathetic hero that we find ourselves cheering for by the end. The real disappointment lies in the lack of humor in it. However, after reading some of the reviews, and being a fan of “King of Queens”, I decided to check it out and was pleasantly surprised to have enjoyed it. They go to good lengths to show how truly depressing his life is. Really, just watch the trailer. America, you deserve the sequel you’ll no doubt get.

Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2

However, after reading some of the reviews, and being a fan of “King of Queens”, I decided to fulll it out and was pleasantly surprised to have enjoyed it. It really could have used another re-write mivie2k two to develop the script a little more. I liked this aspect of the story, and how Paul Blart actually has to be clever in order to outsmart the captors. Its gotten some low ratings for whatever reason, but I highly encourage you to see it; I was unsure of whether or not I would like it at first Being deterred with the infamous ‘PG’ rating but it exceeded my expectations, and I left the theatre with a sore face from nonstop laughs.


What song was playing? Mall Cop” based on a book? I recommend this movie for anyone who is either five years old or will Laugh at anything. Seriously, this was the worst movie I’ve seen in years.

I am curious, though: America, you deserve the sequel you’ll no doubt get. Classement des Films de Battle Under Orion movie streaming and Download. Mall Cop 5. An enjoyable slap stick comedy, and who can do it better then Kevin James.

When the time comes for him to be a hero, we can cheer for him, because the movie makes him into a true underdog. There was nothing to be enjoyed, and move everything was too expected. The problem is maall script.

I can’t imagine anyone other than him playing the role of Paul Blart, Mall Cop. You might enjoy it, you might not. Most people would fantasize novie what they would do if their loved ones and friends were in harm’s way and they are the only person who could save them.

I’m sure after anyone sees it, they’re going to want one of the little vespa vehicles he drives. The words that are said are not really that funny, but the actions are hilarious. It was mildly entertaining There was no crude humor, really.

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I wasn’t expecting an Academy Award winning movie. What I watched was mind-numbing garbage. If you have an open mind, it will still be a terrible film. I’m convinced that Satan exists and Adam Sandler did indeed sell his soul Aside from Kevin’s stand up comedy being hilarious this movie definitely showed his true comedic talent. If you are a jovie Kevin James fan, then go ahead and see it, and if you have kids, then they will most likely like it.


His characters were usually some variation of that, he did it well and people loved it.

Paul Blart: Mall Cop

It had the potential to be a decently funny movie, something perhaps with heart, something that delivered a good deal of laughs and you walked out feeling good. He has to save the woman he loves and his daughter from the invaders, who are lead by double agent Veck, a mall cop in fulll.

I recently returned from watching this film in the local theater and within 10 minutes I instantly regretted my decision. A New Beginning I shook my head a lot and asked myself over and over again, “This was the number one movie in America the week it came out?

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Two thumbs way down. ActionAdventure Comedy Family.

They already accomplished their goal when they got to Paul Blart Kevin James is a mall cop that seems to have no direction in his life. Candy had a knack for playing bungling, yet good-hearted people who mainly wanted to please. Paul Blart is an overweight, hypo-glycemic prone to fainting spellsshopping mall security guard who lives with him Mom and teenage daughter somewhere in North Jersey. Really though, the movie is highly tolerable, and doesn’t overstay it’s welcome, ending at a good time.

The set-ups fell flat. Every prop is used in this movie, so if you pay any attention, every object, word spoken or set, is going to be used later.