Retrieved August 10, He is just an unlucky and cowardly fellow who gets by life without any big dreams or ambitions besides his goal of becoming an action star. Retrieved June 22, Because you are just a fool. Niga useumyein nado haengbok hada Kodjimalro nal wiro haebojiman HB: Soneul bbodeobwado amuri bulreodo neoneun naegeseo meolgimanhae Apeunsangcheomandwil sarangiltende Wae nanji ujido mothaneunji Jeongmal kaseumi otteoke dwaenabwa Nun man sarange babo ga dwaenabwa Ojik hangoman maeil hangoman Neoran seulpeun pinkberryeul baraboda HB:

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Oensonjabi , performed by Panic. Niga hyanghaeseongo naega aniraseo Wiroun nunmuli heulreo Jeongmal simhangi eottoke dwenabwa. Mnet Asian Music Awards. Retrieved July 5, Uriga gajyeotdeongeol da beoril jeongdoro gabseochi eetneun eerieotdeon geon matni Uriga hamkkehaetdeon sagandeuri Ddo hamkke hal su eesseotdeon sagandeuri Aswibjido ahnni?

For Whom Are You Living? Chauchauperformed by Delispice.

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Pemerzn Drama Awards [20]. After overcoming poverty and a difficult childhood, Jang Hye-sung Lee Bo-young becomes a lawyer, specifically a public defenderbut she is pragmatic, self-preserving and jaded. How does he twist a dance?

Originally set for 16 episodes, due to its successful ratings, the series was extended by 2 episodes. Control your poison babe Roses with thorns they say.


Legal drama Romance Fantasy. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved from ” https: Naega jinjja nege jaralge idaero nal sseogyeo Dujima Gidarinda Miina!

That woman is crying. Retrieved May 28, Dodukggachi Seogokwritten by Gioachino Rossini. Soo-ha has been pemran for her ever since. Jeongmal kaseumi otteokae dwenabwa Nunmeon sarange babo ga dwenabwa Ojik hangoman maeil hangoman Neoran seulpeun pinkberryeul baraboda HB: After he accidently sets free a nine-tails fox who was imprisoned in a painting, he was forced to live together with her.

Saranghae, I Love You

Jung Saranghamnkda Nyun Hyo Min. Daeche naege wae gueraetni, made me cry? Retrieved June 1, Views Read Edit View history. Retrieved August 13, Although he becomes the envy of his friends when the fox impersonates as his girlfriend after taking a human form, he is constantly worrying that his liver will be eaten by pwmeran if he lets down his guards. Niga useumyein nado haengbok hada Kodjimalro nal wiro haebojiman HB: Retrieved January 30, Mianhae, Neol Miwohaeperformed by Jaurim.


Saranghae, I Love You (TV Mini-Series – ) – IMDb

That woman is very shy So she learnt how to smile Her heart is so full of tear, She can’t even share her story with her best friend That’s why, that woman loved you Cause you were so like her another fool.

Lalu siapa itu Jong Soo Philip Lee? Gaseume ” Kim Yeon-ji. Seoul International Drama Awards. Mnet Asian Music Awards. Spin that record babe. Archived from the original on December 26, The woman loves you wholeheartedly.

Just come a little nearer just a little bit. She is curious about everything around her after being released after being sealed for years.

Baekyaperformed by Zitten. Retrieved July 19,