HOpe the search is goin well! Fantastic news, fellow phans! Unknown January 7, at 3: Mike begs Sally to take him home; on the way they see Reggie’s ice cream truck overturned. Super Blue 72 Permanent Resident Posts: Retrieved June 4, Film scholar John Kenneth Muir interprets the film as being about mourning and death.

He is quickly snatched back to Earth by Jody, after which he deduces that the Tall Man must come from the red planet and that the corpses are shortened so they can withstand the increased gravity and temperatures. Archived from the original on August 22, By the time filming was complete, the black ‘Cuda was in pitiful mechanical condition and went to a member of the film crew. For many years, there has been a school of thought that maybe James LeGros didn’t like his involvement with Phantasm II. The Tall Man Reggie. Though it wasn’t the prettiest thing in the world, it was cheap and it had potential.

Filming was done weekends and sometimes lasted for 20 hours over the course of more than a year.

Mike once again controls his fear and succeeds in the plan, phanyasm which he suddenly wakes up in his bed. While looking for Jody in Morningside, Mike opens his father’s casket and sees that it is empty, prompting him to scream and attract the attention of the silver sphere.

Never fear Mopar fans! Retrieved August 22, After Mike leaves, the fortune teller’s granddaughter investigates the Morningside mausoleum, where she finds a strange room filled with white light.

It was shown very little in the movie but enough to make me lust for one. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The whole embalming thing, if you ever do any research on it, is pretty freaky.


Scrimm states that the theme of loss and how, by fantasizing about death, the young protagonist deals with the deaths in his family drives the story. After all, if you’re going to create the image of a bad-to-the-bone car, you might as well go all the way!

Reggie tells Mike that he will take care of him as Jody did, and that they should go on a road trip together. Coscarelli had initially sought to adapt the story to film, but the license had already been sold.

Though initial reviews were mixed in regards to the phantasj, surreal narrative and imagery, later reception was more positive and the film became a cult classic.

Retrieved April 15, He dresses in dark clothing, he lurks behind doors, they do procedures on the bodies we don’t know about.

Mike accidentally falls through a portal and catches a brief glimpse of a red, hot planet where the dwarves are toiling as slaves. Although reportedly not the most reliable vehicle, this muscle car was said to still run okay and, of course, looked terrific. Mogie is the car presented in MCG this month. He runs screaming from the bushes, interrupting Jody mid-coitus.


Reggie remains in the dwarf storage room alone, and places his hands on the portal, mirroring an earlier scene when he stopped a tuning fork from vibrating. Archived from the original on November 5, I just talked to Joe and we are going to his storage place tomarrow. Id like to talk to ya. The choice of vehicles for Phantasm had its roots back in Don’s high school days in the early S. Abramsa fan of the series, requested a screening of the film.


Jody destroys it with a shotgun. Fred Myrow Malcolm Seagrave.

The home of The Phantasm Movie ‘cudas

I have a comment Nothing personal to James but what a dumb ass move, I would have told the guy with the van to go pound sand, hmmm trade a Original Cuda’ used in first Phantasm movie for a custom van? Unlike today’s films that use several identical cars painted up to look like one another, the original Phantasm movie used just one car.

July Learn how and when to remove this template message. I didn’t realize the original one’s whereabouts are still unknown. The Tall Man Reggie.


Mike appears to remember this and believe it. Phatt weight loss August 5, at 8: March 28, – Jody and Mike flee, and the mausoleum vanishes.

Suddenly, Reggie appears and explains that he rescued Pyantasm and several other girls. He also seems to telekinetically knock Mike off his motorbike as he flees the cemetery. Oblivion and Phantasm: Mike March 14, at 1: I didn’t know that it had rear fender flares?

One of the more important items of note, as far as Mopar fanatics are concerned, is the evil black ‘Cuda which played a major role in the film.