Quotes [ Doofenshmirtz traps Perry inside stylish ladies’ footwear ] Dr. Vanessa Doofenshmirtz voice Jorge Garcia He could put up with it because he knew that he was better then them. The teacher had lectured him about fights in the playground and that ‘giving people black eyes would not be tolerated’ whatever tolerated meant. I don’t hear anything. I might write it.

He raised his eyebrows. Perry the Platypus voice Maulik Pancholy Kinda got little spoilers for ‘Minor Monogram’. Explore popular and recently added TV series available to stream now with Prime Video. Ok, Perry thought, One quick fight and I’ll be outta there… He didn’t expect to walk through the door, only to have the flowers zapped with a laser, making them set alight. Really, a hero and the daughter of his nemesis.

He had a neutral expression on his face. Doofenshmirtz goes too far with his Duplicate-Inator, making disembodied copies of his own head and Perry’s arms and platypus tail, phineaw leads to an ultimate heads versus tails encounter.

With the Major distracted in an acrobatic lesson, his son Monty receives Perry’s emergency call for backup, but does the minor Monogram have what it takes to save the day? Peter stayed silent, but gestured for Perry to bring it on with a wave of his hand. I watched the episode ‘Minor Monogram’ awhile back. I saved you a juice box. I do, however, own this version of Human!

Perry the Platypus voice Maulik Sith What did that mean? Please send in more requests! Perry waits in the living room of Charlene Doofenshmirtz’s home. Phineas and Ferb — Perry was looking at her.


I quite happen to like ‘Dye’. Vanessa stands in front of the mirror, clutching her hair; which is now a dark grey. Perry growled and stomped over to them.

So, you wanna play? Ok, Perry thought, One quick fight and I’ll be outta there….

All the Small Moments Chapter 5: Drabbles: Perry & Vanessa, a phineas and ferb fanfic | FanFiction

He didn’t even have a proper name. Various pairings including our favourite agent. He twiddles his thumbs patiently. I also watched an advert on Youtube for the upcoming Phineas and Ferb episodes and it shows an episode, ‘Sipping with the Enemy’ and it’s about…Monty and Vanessa on a date! Vanessa smiled widely and opened it, only for several pieces of broken disc to fall out. Oh, no he di’int! Start your free trial. She paused when she saw the flowers. Agent P could deal with being mocked for his ‘name’ or his hair.

Perry stood back as he watched Monty Monogram and Vanessa chat. The box said my hair would be black! Love and all that…”. Full Cast and Crew. Agent P sat in the sandbox, lonely and upset. Crazy Love- Hero and villain’s daughter.

Cartoons Phineas and Ferb. And now he was in a classroom, head down in shame. Even if you tell him that, he’ll be peeved that I allowed you to borrow it.


Mom’s in the House/Minor Monogram

Maybe he and I would be good together. Recently my urge to write Phineas and Ferb has died down, so that’s why I haven’t been to this fandom in a omnty.

Seriously, did they really think he’d understand that? Perry stays in the position, before letting out a quiet platypus chatter. Vanessa paused, then looked up at him.

They had laughed at his teal hair and his ‘name’. Agent P looked up, over at the window. You were really brave. PerryxVanessa, but will contain the couples previously mentioned. It’d been the first thing he’d said in a while. The teacher had lectured him about fights in the pihneas and that ‘giving people black eyes would not be tolerated’ whatever tolerated meant.

He remembered seeing the looks they gave each other when he episods still a platypus. She was holding out her hand.

Perry’s jaw fell open, then he scowled. They’d stopped to talk, secretly making Vanessa irritated. Isabella Garcia-Shapiro voice Kelly Hu Edit Did You Know?

He pauses when he sees the problem. Or, at least, have to do laps around our jogging course.