You you big cunt. That’s where we got our matching tattoos. Old Woman 1 Julian Miller Slang and patois flow thick and fast. Dutchman 1 Rest of cast listed alphabetically: After he has split up with her,Jerwayne’s ex-girlfriend Olivia gets revenge by posting images of him,dancing,talking and sucking his thumb whilst asleep.

However, the slang-happy pen of writer Phil Bowker knows better. Look at this face. He’s playing hard to get! Oh He hated it, didn’t he? You’ve got to get away from her. Cut off a pensioner’s face with a shank?

This face don’t know stupid!

PhoneShop (2009) s02e03 Episode Script

What, more photos for the SleepyMan to sign? Not wanting to reveal his true motivation, Ashley told her it was because he had feelings for best friend and colleague Jerwayne Javone Prince. So what were they? Keeping me nose clean, and that.

Have you been watching … PhoneShop?

What, man looks like a baby man, yeah? I know you know, but do you know how long I’ve been in this business for? What are you doing? He has a complicated relationship slrepy Shelley, of whom he is frightened to the point of hiding in a restaurant kitchen locker to avoid.


He’s bloody seen us. Please respect the performer and refrain from drinking, smoking and eating odorous foods. W I’m episdoe, what?

I’ve got sharpie cramp. There’s Eplsode, waiting in the car. Show 25 25 50 All. No, I haven’t seen it! Oi, oi, oi, oi, oi. On another, a seemingly beautiful and refined air hostess dampens his ardour through her loutish behaviour during their date. One, two, three, blam! Old Woman 1 Julian Miller Oh, and you look like a big fucking idiot baby.

PhoneShop () s02e03 Episode Script | SS

Order by newest oldest recommendations. Two words, Susan Boyle.

Give me the phone. Like Jerwayne, Ashley often speaks in a Jamaican English accent, incongruous to his White British heritage and littered with frequent profanity. Christopher has his first full day at work, still under the name of ‘Newman’. Apart from pphoneshop first night where I get to stay over all night.

Only wants to meet me for a business lunch?! One of the Dutch lads at the conference sent it to me, it’s cracking funny.


Got you under a spell, hasn’t she? You’ve got phonesop get away from her. I don’t care what Brother Luke says, I’m not being baptised on Sunday! He only wants to meet you for a business lunch.

Come on, bruv, come on. Edit Cast Episode credited cast: He didn’t He did, didn’t he. Man chatting shit when he sleeps?

Tell me mzn not from Head Office. Where’d they get it? I shouldn’t be telling you this. She’s kept him waiting. Lance lives in almost religious awe of his former, now incarcerated employee “Little” Gary Patel, to the point he has a huge mural of Gary painted on his office wall with the legend “What would Little Gary do? Yeah, I’ve seen it under the weave.