Well there are specific pages for champs like TF who are reliant on that MS. AP champions that do not auto attack only casters e. Log in or sign up in seconds. Equally if you are against an AD midlaner. Why not ms quints on supports and tanky junglers? Can’t wait to see the Mastery pages added as well. Expect an “Enchanter update” at some point. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

You could say I’m addicted. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Thank you very much kind sire. Other than that all those pages look fine. Wow, so I just started spending all my ip to get health seals because apparently they were better then armor. I got to plat with two runepages, although I have four pages now so I can try dumb stuff. Phreak also made a video about it.

Join our Discord Chat for fun conversations and finding phrek group! Uhmm why is Annie a tanky support? Can anyone explain why it would be better to get armor seals? I doubt they don’t take this game seriously. Well there are specific pages for champs like TF who are reliant on that MS.

Can someone confirm this? I already have all runes mentioned in here with an exception for the health regen quints and have 20 pages. Guess this is part of why I’m silver.


I assume this means that they use this in the lcs? Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit.

I have a question about the rumble page specifically.

Can’t really find a pro use this set even if they duo queu with their support. Other than that all those pages look fine. While I love change in the preseason, it’s nice having runes stay very similar probably few changes here and there with the item changes. Graves and Varus profit of it the most, at least pre rework of Graves. Any guess on what made players go away from armor quints seaso choose HP reg? Zyra is not an enchanter, she’s a mage support like Brand.


I have been running, on pretty much all my top-lane pages, 5 scaling and 4 flat armour. I smile from ear to ear when i trade as janna with a shield on and then boom! Oddone uses attack speed reds for maokai, mostly because magic pen isn’t very efficient against jungle creeps early as they don’t have MR. The changes are not set in stone and this is just a prediction by Phreak.

A question for the rune wizards out there. I guess both are viable. For seals I am still confused if we should be using armor or health but either phrdak flat is probably better than scaling given Maokai’s weak early game.

AP pen would be good if you want to do more damage in early ganks tho. Faker thinks defensive stat runes are generally a waste of space and takes scaling ap runes for blues. Personal preference I think, I xheat to agree they are pretty priceless on a number of characters. AS Quints now are more valuable as most items only give kinda little AS, right?

Phreak made this video, explaining in detail the mastery pages: Pants are Dragon also made a video about the best masteries for every champion.

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Yeah I watched it yesterday but he said he overestimated his time or something. The Seal changes made jungler and ADC pages even more variant on what’s ideal.

I’m not falling for this Ip grinding shit. Still seasno bit of a laborious task though, also why Health regen quints over something like armour or movespeed?

Great work, but just wanted to point out you chewt differing IP values for the same rune set. Every pro player runs HP Regen quints on tank supports. Already Late Seqson Items that decide. Edit 3 I added calculations for stats gained from runes. Is flat health really worth it over health per level for AP mids against burst opponents? At a lecture now, so can’t view the video. You poke them with Q. It’s Riot’s new buzzword for traditional supports like Janna, Nami, Sona, etc. Right now is the best time to buy them.


Pjreak really hope they look more at rune prices, they need to be tweaked. Supports that have helping their team as the sole purpose.

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They never expected to actually take any damage! You won’t be auto attacking her unless you want to die to her burst. Rune pages at at pop were a bitch I kind of took a break at 14and there’s something like champions I haven’t picked up yet.

P just wanna see what some if the pro players build on him. I’m pretty sure the hybrid pen quint doesn’t give 1. Thresh Leona, and Annie tend to save their CC for fights adn initiations where Lulu, Zyra, Sona, and Karma are known for their poke that runea them laning presence. I have all the rune pages.

You have 50 per 5s base regen. Most aren’t cause they can’t afford optimal runes.

My guess is S6 early game sustain is going to be weaker more expensive HP pots, limited charges on flasks, can’t stack pots AND flasks. Go look up the pages from the playoffs at Worlds.