One of them must’ve been Zorua in disguise. A cage appeared and it trapped them inside as Goon and Kodai appeared. Ash and friends got out of the tunnel and they saw Kodai and Goon in their car. Kurt then tracked Kodai’s location using the computer Rioka had. Don’t forget to smash the like button and Follow to the Channel for Daily Content! Lorde , Jan 5,

The lady saw Celebi pass by, and she was stunned. Kodai then encountered what he wanted: Overall, I enjoyed the movie. I was worried that it wouldn’t survive the fall, but it fell on a passing Skiploom and as it bounced off, Zorua transformed into a Skiploom itself. I was worried too, but Brock managed to fix Celebi’s arm quickly. At Crown City, Kurt’s Bronzor removed a manhole cover and the others all got out of the underground tunnel at last.

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He then regained his composure and talked to his assistant. Ash-kidDec 18, Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more.

I missed Ash’s battle with some random trainer in the beginning. Kodai then learned where to go next! Near some trees somewhere, a distorted hole appeared in the air and Celebi appeared and it started to fly around in the night sky.

Given what that guy did to her, I don’t think it would have been that crazy to believe. Haha, what a cool Generation 5 reference! I’ve finished watching this movie and I have to say, I didn’t think it was nearly as bad as some people were making it out to be it was far better than Movie 12, which I didn’t really like all too much.

Pokémon: Zoroark РMaster of Illusions (Dubbed)

And a very good decision. Kurt and Rioka then appeared from out of the trees, and Kurt revealed that he had recorded all of Kodai’s evil deeds on camera. Celebi gave Zorua a fruit, and Zorua ate it gladly. Kodai looked stunned, and just then, Ash and the others arrived to where he was.


Even though Zorua was sad, Ash cheered it up which was nice to see. That didn’t work, and Zorua was thrown to the ground. When is pokemon zoroark master of illusions premiering in the uk? Zorua climbed on Ash’s hat and called out to its “Maa”.

The ending song reminded me of the 3rd opening of FMA: Team Rocket saw it, just before it used Night Burst zoroar, cause a giant shockwave that blasted several people back.

He noticed Ash running towards the Baccers stadium and he followed after him. Zoroark tried to escape, but she couldn’t and the cage just sealed itself shut. Ash, Dawn, Brock and Iillusions arrive, seeing Zoroark on television, Dhbbed trying to reach the cut-off town.

As Kodai got back up, he had a vision of the future pkemon he seemed pleased.

Zoroark looked really tired, and I still wondered why the Shiny Beasts were attacking it. The old man and old woman from before were in the trees, and they had to flee from the explosion. Sorry I couldn’t help about the english part. Zorua then transformed into Ash, and Ash was surprised.

Meanwhile, Kurt took Ash and friends to a house to rest. A guy told Kodai that they were approaching Crown City, and the Beast trio disappeared.

Pokemon Movie Master of Illusions Part 1 – video dailymotion

Huh, I guess that’s why we saw Crown City looking all messed up before. Zorua’s transformations masteg flawed though, since Zorua retained a tail while it was in human form haha. I guess that was zoeoark Illusion ability. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Ash was then saved from Mismagius by Piplup as Dawn and Brock arrived. After Piplup made a fool of itself, the Vigoroth lost movoe and they fled. She is also the smallest of four sisters, with a tomboy attitude.


Wow, that one guy has a Koromori hat. GaZsTiCDec 28, Everything seemed hopeless, but then it was revealed that it had all just been a trick created by Zoroark’s Illusion! Please English dubbed and safe place. Back at the airship, Zoroark was trying to get out of the cage.

Gammera the Invincible Review by Decker Shado. Ok so I saw the subbed version and loved every minute of it, my favorite part had to be Zorua transforming into every one and showing his tail each time.

Crown City looked pretty old, but it was very pretty too. Zoroark went back to its normal form but the Shiny Raikou appeared and it tried to attack Zoroark.

Does anyone know where to watch Pokemon Zoroark Master of Illusion online?

Ppkemon many delays due to moving and lack of wifi, the Hero returns to Pokemon Month with a movie featuring one badass mother of a Pokemon! If, however, you’re willing to settle for the english subtitles, then you can try out this site: It wasn’t perfect, but it was much better than the previous Pokemon films, that’s for sure.

She introduced herself as Rioka at that point.

Then Zoroark became unconscious itself. Wow, that was really harsh of the Shiny Johto Beasts. It used Night Burst but it didn’t work and she was just shocked again. Watch Free Movies Online.