The cast is spectacular. If this were not the case at all I could not recommend because there is too much nastiness in the world for me to want to share it with others. A must watch for anyone wanting a funny night-in. Was this review helpful? Jamie, finding it hard to get a job, takes casual work as a painter and decorator, but is horrified to discover he is being pimped out by his boss as eye candy for middle-aged women. Man of the Moment Full Episode S 1: I find Pramface to have several positive aspects in the story details so I will not try to hide from season 2, if it appears on disk. I love their hilarious relationship.

Knocked up and Homeless Full Episode S 1: The actors are adorable Shame on you BBC commissioner, you are out of touch with your viewing public!! I am 71 and my husband is The season 1 DVD set tells me that it is way better than I remember it, a lot better than the average TV series, quality, though many appear to disagree on that. Mrs Browns Boys may appeal to some, but I would prefer to see this type of up to the moment sit-com, haven’t felt so satisfied and humoured since Friends or Cheers.

I even tried alcohol and threw it all up just like she did!

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As everyone arrives for Emily’s party, he and Janet agree they are not quite ready to let go of their marriage yet. It had a very strong cast and I feel that it was good viewing for all age groups. Really funny and i love Jamie Sean and Laura Scarlett is really funny, as the different backgrounds make it hilarious.

Hopefully they will make an amazing season 3.

If you like this series you also may like the movie “the Girl Next Door” although that one is a much faster somewhat more wilder ride. Knocked up and Homeless Full Episode S 1: Sandra sees it as a way to get out of the caravan site, but it soon becomes clear that Evelyn will be attaching conditions to her generosity, all of which involve sticking it to Keith.

The acting was solid without any poor performances.

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My son is my pride and joy and I’m so glad I didn’t have the abortion, even though things didn’t work out with his father. I really enjoy watching Pramface and all the funny predicaments everyone gets into.


Meanwhile, Janet surprises Alan with a weekend away. The new comedy of I am uneducated please forgive any incompetence on my part. Meanwhile, Keith and Sandra are approached by a modeling agent for Emily. Sat 29 Mar Are we your oldest fans?

Sign in to vote. I stumbled upon it as a hulu exclusive and have not been able to move away from it. Other than that, a problem as the first ten episodes I really preferred to avoid. Wed 26 Mar His job as deputy caretaker takes a turn for the worse as the winter weather sets in and the park’s elderly residents start dying off. It was amusing and covered a serious subject with some insight.

The actors are adorable Make sure to continue following the show and twitter of course! Super script for Angus. I feel that the BBC commissioner has made a big error in not proceeding with this excellent show, while keeping other shows running that are far inferior. My DVD set has a dozen episodes, comprising all of seasons one and two.

I often search the archives in vain to find, what I class as, a good comedy and stop watching the majority of them after just a few episodes as they are terrible. Wonderful stuff, not overdone slapstick humour, just right, pacey direction.

Kiss for the Camera Full Episode S 3: Laura is trying to move on with her life, applying for university courses and planning Emily’s first birthday party. Keith’s love affair with the caravan park is beginning to wane.

I had great hopes for this, just it turned pfamface to serles just an average series with canned laughter added. Again, I’m just grateful to feel xeries alone, and enjoy the comedy and serious nature of the show all mix in!

However I find it genuinely witty without being the xeries low-level smut that passes for comedy in many programmes and movies aimed at the age group these days. I was actually a bit disappointed by the lack of sets as season 2 improves. Full Episode S 3: An intelligent sit-com at last, refreshingly new cast, with fast funny humour. Alan bails out and escapes to Laura’s flat. Watch Pramface Online Watch Pramface now on. I am in my early 30’s and find myself relating to some of the instances in the show.


I could tell you which pair of teens end up expecting a baby by the end of this episode, but that would spoil the surprise. This has four episodes with the Aeries as a scary popular music singer, guarded by the lover of the gay. Beth and Mike are pretty funny and the last episode of them in season 2 was rather funny as well. First viewing of volumes 5 and 6 I found Hi-5 to be alien, but tolerable on a later viewing. I think anyone who comes upon it will be surprised at the amount of humor and real life content within the show.

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Series I watched and loved. Since the show focuses on such quite serious topics as teenage pregnancy, teenage parenting and the troubles and challenges of being a teenager and a parent while at the same time having to deal with one’s own parents, but at the same time never fails to exaggerate and somewhat sketch such situations, there are many and many funny moments in this show.

It also becomes clear that Jamie and Laura aren’t quite ready to let go either. Scarlett Alice Johnson, who you definitely won’t recognise as Vicki Fowler, and Emer Kenny minus Zsa Zsa’s blue hair extensions and stroppiness who you probably will, as well as newcomer Yasmin Paige.

Then the big question is will she have the baby or not. However, season one was better than season 2.

All my life I have been very hyper aware of myself. Pramface has some very effective actors, but for me it lacks the support needed for their effectiveness to shine.

There are some very funny moments Dylan Edwards as Mike actually steals the show as the best friend, know-it-all, loser who can’t get a girl period. Was this review helpful?