That, and all the parts, that is. The short, stumpy one waving his hands around needs a good punching from Gabe. As always, if it wiggles, or does anything at all, click on it, but these little inconspicious robot-brothels are what normally holds people up from getting all the parts at this stage. Then, once the talking is over, head further along the boardwalk. The key to these is that the thin ones, aka ‘Thins’, are weak to normal attacks and the fat ones, aka ‘Stouts’, are weak to special attacks. Should paste part 2, But if anybody just has a quick question for me, Then add me: Once you’ve defeated the pair of them head around the fountain and up to the cash machine.

Okay, so arc round past the level transition, and move towards the camera. If you see it, hit the space bar. Click on the mime by the orange tree and try out dialogue options until you run out. It might also include other things, but I don’t know what they are, and for that reason, I can’t, uh, tell you anything about them. Items can be used to augment your battle. After the fight head onwards towards the stairs.

A short way into the fight a pair of Fruit Fuckers will add to the fray, these are Mark Wal,through so they’re a stronger than the ones you’ve fought so far in the game. To fill them, you must finish an enemy with a perfectly executed special move. Her flame-thrower attack hurts everybody, darness the enthusiastic robots are particularly weak against the attack. The earlier you get these the better as you might find yourself running out of enemies to overkill before the end.


Sanitarium – Chart on wall to the left in The Laboratory. All of these folks are weak to Firearms, so Tycho is useful here.

With enough cash to buy something head back to Kurtis Swindell at walkhrough start of the level. There’s a group straight away and a pair of Tyrants next to Wolfington’s door.

Keep using bandages with one character, probably Gabe, and have the other two pick on a garbage can. I left it blaring, neurons be damned. Millionaire Get a million dollars. The Strength To Rule Get all characters to level Collect your five parts, Move to the right and get ready to fight your first mime Also in front of the large Riverbrook Park Estates sign you can find a couple of flowers, a Daisy and an Iris.

Penny Arcade Adventures: Episode Two – FAQ/Walkthrough

The skinny ones also heal, so take them out first. Its not that big of a deal, Besides, Be happy. Items can be used to augment your battle. Your first stop is to the right, where three hobos are lurking. Any enemies you fight on the way are your last chance to max your overkill for each character and give yourself the best chance at the impossible. You need to sign in or create an account to do that. Talk about the goo, then talk about it again. Task number two is Which, you know, really sucks.


As the level loads, prepare to be disappointed Talk the crap out of him until you discover that he needs his invisible loot back. If you want to host this, contact me at jazmcdougall at yahoo dot co dot uk I’ll be more than happy to consider letting you host me. The Penetrator Module is weak to explosives so you might want to use some of them.

A short conversation confirms that you are now hunting barbershop guys.

Penny Arcade Adventures: Episode Two FAQs, Walkthroughs, and Guides for PC – GameFAQs

Then, head wallthrough the back and follow the road until you see a man with a big red nose and a bowler hat. You wait for your attacks to become active and then you attack, at the same time blocking the opponent’s attempts at attacking you. He still gets xp if he doesn’t fight, so if you want max overkill, consider letting him rest for now. The battle is easy if you have Anne-Claire ready, of course, and you get 10 parts for your trouble.

Slum Lord has health. Wait until you’re charged, and click away. Precipcie left, past Gerhard, and attack the hobos to the back of the set. Stripe the engagement ring you “found”.