However, Kaidoh takes the last remaining spot, kicking Inui off the regulars. Katsuo Mizuno unknown episodes David Neil Black Things go evenly until Fuji lobs the ball out of desperation. It is now Oni versus Kintarou since Akutsu, the original opponent has vanished. The Seigaku regulars are also introduced, and seem interested in Ryoma. Echizen repeatedly challenges Fuji in an attempt to overcome his anti-smash technique. Instead of playing against Kakinoku in the finals as first expected, Seigaku faces Fudomine who have resurrected as a new team since a violent episode the former year. But he accepts this challenge head on and releases his newfound power.

It is noted in the following episode when Kawamura says he has never seen Fuji in such a state before. Tashiro unknown episodes Doug Erholtz Migihashi is unable to return all of them, and thus Ryoma wins. The first games are dominated by Akaya until he crashes into the net pole after hitting another Phantom Ball. The real culprit of the misdeed is revealed — it’s Ann-chan! Still about the US Open.

The first one, featuring the character Keigo Atobe voiced by Junichi Suwabe reached 14 on the Oricon charts. During the Singles 2 match between Or and Niou, Niou uses an illusory movement to transform into Tezuka.

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Tezuka adds Ryoma to the ranking tournament after seeing his potential skill. As the match goes on, Yuuta’s reasons for transferring to St.

Sengoku shows us his new style of play, a sport inside of a sport, also known as boxing! It’s revealed ot to Inui that Mizuki from St Rudolph gave them data about Seigaku’s weaknesses to see how they would react A story that flashbacks to the days when Tachibana and Prinxe were team-mates and how their remarkable tennis skills earned them this nickname.


Shin’ya Yanagisawa unknown episodes Wendee Lee The Seigaku regulars are also introduced, and seem interested in Ryoma.

Prince of tennis – Episode 46

Kunimitsu Tezuka unknown episodes Yuki Kaida The middle schoolers paired up with friends, and find out that they will be playing singles tie-breaker matches against their partner. Rudolph goes into a tiebreak. Should Akaya fall for the taunts, it will assure their loss, but if he can find a way to remain composed he will become stronger than ever. Kintarou and Tokugawa vs. Fuji takes an early lead, but the match is far from over. Gin has levels of Hadoukyuu. In the end, Rikkaidai wins. Richard Baker unknown episodes.

Rudolph and Kajimoto from Josei Shonan. The people at the training camp in the mountains had to do special test where they had to run a special path while having tennis balls shoot at them. Meanwhile, Akaya Kirihara ends up wandering around the tennis courts at Seigaku because he overslept on the bus on his way to school. Fuwa demonstrates his skills, despite his lack of vision, but Yukimura shows no signs of giving up.

Momoshiro and Ryoma have a date together? It’s finally the day of the tournament. Echizen intervenes when Katou gets attacked but Akutsu serves rocks, slightly injuring him in the process.

What does Inui mean by “It’s a date! Ryoma Echizen’s turn is finally up, and he faces Fuji’s younger brother Yuta, who will stop at nothing to surpass his older brother. Kikumaru eventually wins as Kabaji tires, unable to sustain the copying of Kikumaru’s acrobatic play. Irie and Atobe go at it and Atobe is winning when Irie’s deception is revealed. The Ranking Tournament is finally here, and the matches to determine the regulars tennie ready to prosper.


Akaya has developed the Phantom Ball, which is to be used against left handers. Echizen faces Hiyoshi Wakashi, whose family runs a Kobujutsu dojo, which is why his tennis style is very much influenced by martial arts.

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Momoshiro and Kaido get tricked into playing a doubles match with Mizuki from St. Kikumaru won a contest to have his popular idols, the Chocolates J-Pop idol group, visit his house.

Shinji Ibu unknown episodes Akiko Kimura The singles game will decide the winner, court 3 or court 5? At first, Ryoma and Momoshiro do fairly well, as they’ve come up with a technique to pribce the middle of the court.

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This time, they must keep each of their balloons safe from an eagle, and no allowing the bird to pop their balloon. Kamio is accused of a misdeed and sets out to find the real culprit.

The match between the Fuji brothers is also shown.

During a series of intense matches marked by extreme angles, tough spins, and gutsy play, it start to look like the favorites will be taken down! Sengoku counters Momoshiro’s signature dunk smash and the match slowly starts shifting in his favor.