For several months, our station has been overcome by strong signals in the evening, with the intent to create disturbance and damage our image. Lack of confidence in the economic prospects – 7. Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre area under construction. Many parts of this land of deserts, mountains, steppes and oases are populated by unreached people groups and are hostile to Christians. They just should have stuck to the AM to FM conversion process they started in the late 80s instead of giving stations supplementary commercial FM licenses and back when there were plenty of FM frequencies available unlike now before all the community, ABC and narrowcast licenses came on air. The ,watt AM transmitter will be able to reach into 10 countries where evangelical believers account for less than 1 percent of the population. This is, let’s say, very surprising, because the reason given for changing the broadcast schedule is electricity saving. While facing the renovation of an historical building, the first intention is….

In reaching this view, we recognised that this licence was originally awarded to Sunrise Radio, in to provide a specialist music and speech service to the Asian community within Greater London. Via Mariano, Formigine T. Economic crisis – 4. Finlandia Prize for Architecture The licences are awarded for a five-year period. So the wording using standard phrases in http: Staying in hospital can be a very lonely time for patients.

It was a weak signal, heavily interfered with by the 10 KW Spanish station that shares this channel. One of those transmitters was installed at our transmitting site in Swaziland, Africa about 2 years ago.

Our aerial mast at the transmitter site.

Stricter controls by those appointed to check the condition of the vehicle periodically and, in case of fraudulent behavior, application programmazioje the penalties already foreseen by law.


Tallinn Architecture Biennale explores the self-driven city TAB is an international architecture festival which looks at the future of the architectural profession, introducing local culture and current issues, events…. Mocarello – Poggibonsi T.

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Primordial tracks, marks made by plants and animals on rock formations: Strong test tone on kHz!! Just to let you know in case you hadn’t heard, the Absolute Radio ‘filler’ on kHz from Chesterton Fen, Cambridge, was switched off sometime over the weekend. The consultation can be found at https: I’ve only observed them announcing their mediumwave kHz and FM frequencies Feminine thoughts, ideas and forms area chinese identity.

I cant wait for them to come back on air full time. Coherent with its international vocation Autopromotec will host the 4th edition of the International Automotive Aftermarket Meeting: It will continue for 28 days.

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The construction of the Regione Piemonte Tower, close to the Lingotto area, is on a building area of 95, sqm and it is part of the master plan signed by…. Seems that the latter remains now always plugged in and just the carrier will be keyed on shortly before InGlan Clwyd AM received a regular community radio licence.

Venier, 3 Vicenza T. The station will also be heard nationwide via online and mobiles.

In reaching this view, we recognised that this licence was originally awarded to Sunrise Radio, in to provide a specialist music and speech service to the Asian community within Greater London. La Fondazione Frate Sole, con il desiderio di promuovere e valorizzare i contributi di gio The medium wave is no longer broadcast in Germany.


It forms a public transport hub connecting…. The potential audience consists of the approximately 1 million inhabitants of the two counties and the numerous domestic and foreign tourists visiting the region. New Port House in Antwerp.

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cawalgrande Doubleday-Hill also sold radios. Reconstruction of a former textile mill in Zurich. Beginning inthe station has also broadcast online. Via Asiago, 6 Vittorio Veneto T.

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Sunflower House area vacation. Incidentally, there are still broadcasts on the long-wave from Germany. The station first heard by Alessandro Groppazzi announces on the air to have got a license on 14 November and gives the following contacts: TWR would like to address concerns the people on Bonaire may have regarding the effect of radio waves of this new kW transmitter.

According to most sources this probably was Radio Encilopedia in Cuba. Impermeabilizzazioni e coibentazioni di doma civili edili ed industriali. In controtendenza casalgrandf ai saloni csaalgrande europei Autopromotec Bologna, maggio cresce in area espositiva e in espositori.

Jorma MantylaFinland via dxing. Now there are only a few incentives in scattered cities and farsighted regions, set up specifically to improve environmental sustainability.

Born in Rome on 5 December…. There is a main building, VIP….

Cawalgrande slowed the management and payment of the incentives, and many official workshops still have to receive large sums, for a total of about 1 million euro. The ground of the transmitter will be used for a medical centre: