Why was he even there? Why does the head explode? Ironic really, when none of the crew would have a chance in hell in any sort of contest governed by Darwinian rules. Prometheus, lacking that, is uninteresting. They also like to record recent events with some kind of holographic recorder device that is unable to render clear images, only some cool ghostly images that I bet Scott loved to play with. There, they must fight a terrifying battle to save the future of the human race. It’s like he has a complete disregard for plausible motivations or factual information about how things work. For example, at one point the archaeologists talk about abiogenesis and the biologist weirdly starts talking about evolution.

I’ve been following Scott for 30 years – and it’s clear that he has been on the decline since Gladiator and Black Hawk Down. I’m really sorry, but this a major disappointment. Prometheus is the story of a trillion-dollar mission to discover the origins of human life on a distant planet. What was the point of Guy Pearce as Weyland? Prometheus, lacking that, is uninteresting. A surprise, given Scott’s usual flair for good music.

The use of 3D is excellent and the art direction is amazing. There was no reason for it – it was just wrong. I’m a big fan of Alien, but I was really disappointed; this is a bloated mess. The music was overwrought and didn’t fit with 720o mood of the film, and it seemed like one theme being repeated endlessly.

A classic Hollywood scientist moment, and clearly there’s no need to worry about biological contaminants in a place like that. Another issue that kept annoying me was the inaccurate terminology used. The scientists don’t behave like scientists, they don’t talk like scientists. The eztras is entirely juvenile and cliche stuff with “profound” questions like who created us.

Then we have the very same religious scientist look at an alien “head” they brought back – and she notices some strange growth on it. Ridley Scott is a hero of mine, but Prometheus is not the intelligent, emotionally satisfying prequel that Alien deserves.

How does Shaw know her baby will attack the Jockey?

What is this fun with Frankenstein? Prometheus, lacking that, is uninteresting. Pick one and stick to it please 8. What was the point of Guy Pearce as Weyland? Language Set favourite s Login. I swear they didn’t even wear plastic gloves.


No one dreams like that. AG] sub download 0 English subtitle Prometheus. Why on earth would a scientist remove their helmets in a possibly infected temple?

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Is the man angry? After the procedure, she’s simply “stitched together” by metal clips in like 3 seconds – and with a bit of local anesthetic, she continues to move and jump dubtitles with some moaning. The CGI is good and the acting would be fine if the actors had been given something worthwhile to do. Few actions made sense in any context – not to me anyway.

Similar to a “Rick Roll”, when one is conned into viewing a series of moving pictures with no conclusive finale, despite the viewer investing a lot of emotion and time in the story. Do they all calm down and remember they have degrees in clever things, not diplomas in macrame?

Now, it’s just a matter of leaning back – 720o over a thousand different people coming up with a thousand different explanations – each being the “correct” interpretation of this deep and thought-provoking masterpiece.

Archeologists suddenly turn into medical extra and people exploring an alien ecosystem for the first time remove helmets without regard for contamination of the environment or themselves. No, I didn’t expect miracles or something close to the original Alien. No research – no caution – no nothing.

They give it a bit too much juice, then too little,then dither over too much or too little like a couple of schoolgirls fiddling with a dicky bunsen burner, while the most important 20012 discovery in human history waggles its ears and rolls its eyes – before eventually blowing up like a frog in a microwave.

Once there, they speedily discover 720pp meaning of life. She then spends 2 seconds thinking and concludes that this is obviously some kind subtitlew “foreign cells” impressive deduction, I must say – and she decides to stimulate the cells with electricity – just to see what happens. Do they not have procedures?

I liked a few of his later movies like X2264 Good Year – but most have been rather flat and uninspired. This is pretty obvious in interviews – where Lindelof always manages to publicly kiss Exgras behind. Ehm, you CAN’T have any kind of normal movement with your muscle tissue completely severed – and there was absolutely no healing involved. A gaggle of fractious goons whose collective scientific nous is rivalled only by that of the Three Stooges. But every other aspect of the film was a disappointing waste of time.


In Alien, the creature presented an abstract threat to earth but the plot centered on the immediate, physical threat to the crew. It’s like he has a complete disregard for plausible motivations or factual information about how things work.

They “choose to believe” that the aliens created human life. Why was he even there? So they travel to the planet identified promstheus the drawings. It has a couple of “for effect” gore scenes – but Scott manages to include ZERO tension along with them.

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Alien worked because it focused on believable characters stuck in a terrible situation, without that believability the film would be greatly lessened. I saw this at a midnight preview and I was really looking forward to it.

They also like to record recent events with some kind of holographic recorder device that is unable to render clear images, only some cool ghostly images that I bet Scott loved to play with. This is an entire planet surface! There is spectacular cinematography and effects, but not one iota of originality has been squandered on plot, subtext, tension or characters – which are as shallow as the Prometheus’s muddy little gene pool.

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They don’t say why. This while other crew mates have just been taken over by some kind of alien infestation. Why does that moron Buddy Holly scientist try and touch the cobra alien?

When they arrive at the planet, the members of the expedition all work against each other even though they all want the same thing.