As far as Josen era standards go, he does retain a few. The Queen just tells him that she was asking after his health. Everytime an episode is uploaded in the internet, I download and watch it, wait for the recaps, watch it again while reading the recaps, then watch it again when the english sub comes out. The guy just dies. Feeling jealous over someone from years in the past? They smiled at each other. He posted on the 11th, “Goodness! And Han Dong-Min continues to be really good to me.

The Queen thanks him but she is worried about how Jang Hee Bin must feel. The three ground-wave dramas are battling against each other. Haejin sees him and ask which role he is playing and happily tells him that she is playing the role of Queen Inhyun. I was dying during that scene. Its good to have a sensible villain. Soo-Kyung and Hee-Jin talk across each other as they both fail to understand what the other is saying. But Hee-Jin wants to break up now?! I love how she talks so emphatically with her hands.

It reminds me of that Dr. I wish every drama was as good as this.

Drama Crazy: Queen In Hyun’s Man Ep 1 Recap

I love, in particular, how you called Bong-Do the play-iest player that ever played! Kittymommy June 4, at 8: Dong-min charges back downstairs and grabs a golf club, swinging wildly at Boong-do. When Peter and Susan are in confusion thinking that Lucy has been lying to them about traveling to Narnia their uncle helps them reason through to the likelihood she is telling the truth. That is what give me hope that he may be able to pull off keeping both of his promises.


Why do you have to emphasize that?

I can’t imagine anyone else doing it. Boong-Do is not just an dramarcazy yangban from one from a great family. Never say that the QIHM crew wasted and wanted.

The Boong-Do is changing the past and his contemporaries changed along with history. Glad that you recapped this one.

Recap: Queen In-Hyun’s Man Episode 10

The one who got away reports to Ja-Soo that they heard Boong-Do and the monk talk about the amulet. Hee-Jin starts to cry earnestly and wants everyone to just leave her alone. Boong Do closes his eye and prepares to die just as the attacker uses all his might to plunge the sword. Then the break up situation is reversed and he’s back to being all petty and vindictive.

Does anyone know this shows ratings? When you jumped up and down and squealed, I did fist pumps. Boong Do visits a gisaeng. Hee-Jin leaves but returns to ask the doctor one more thing.

He wonders at her strange arm-twisted-behind-back pose, and she says the dress is tricky. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Then Hee-Jin suddenly remembers. Everytime an episode is uploaded in the internet, I download and watch it, wait for the recaps, watch it again while reading the recaps, then watch it again when the english sub comes out.

Kn is the first project JHW has picked for himself, everything else was chosen for him by his management company. Mama J June 1, at 7: Episode 12 by LollyPip. At a end-of-drama fan meeting for the tvN cable drama ” Queen In-hyun’s Man ” on the 7th, Ji Hyun-woo revealed some behind stories, Are those photos crafted by the talisman too?


Where is he, huh? Here is a ink to a screen shot of the amulet in BD’s hand after he lands in from ep Hee-Jin asks for Soo-Kyung who is currently filling out admission forms. Hee-jin points to an fpisode leak in the ceiling, then shoves him into the bathroom to wipe up before he quene up into the loft. And his own goals?

Dramas-Subeng: Queen In Hyun’s Man

Hee-jin plays it off as a leak, and when Dong-min grabs her again, Boong-do attacks again. When Boong Do says “I can do it. I don’t think he knew about ambulances or emergency healthcare, plus it’s not like he has an identity. It happens often to actors. Thank you so much javabeans! Hee-Jin continues to wait and she sees a man covered by an umbrella approach her. I am feeling all sorts of things about where this is headed and I can’t express them in a words right now.

Recap: Queen In-Hyun’s Man Episode 9

The talisman was sliced into half by the assassin. I know you guys probably hear that a lot, but those things should never go unnoticed and should be rightfully praised. Hey, look, people who eipsode know how to build a trusting relationship!

Hee-jin bursts into the hospital demanding to know where the taxi patient is.

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