Jack follows this creature, trying to unveil the truth. In a stroke of ‘luck’, the bullet does not kill Becka, but her severe brain damage causes her to begin to hallucinate that the picture of a tuxedoed stranger on top of the TV Who calls himself ‘The 8 By 10’ Man; in the original story it was a picture of Jesus is talking to her. It seems that the blue glow sent out electromagnetic pulses that knocked out two satellites orbiting 20, miles above the Earth, and the Air Force wants to know what’s going on. Jabril attempts to talk to Brandon about his new venture. Once the son reaches adulthood and is able to fix the core systems so that ship can deactivate his defenses , Starship 31 rendezvous with Starship 88, whose single female crew member is brought aboard in order to mate with him and conceive a child. When he accidentally kills another man, he uses the device to transfer the man’s memories into his own brain. Chase gives Derrick advice.

Years ago the Tsal-Khan race arrived on Earth to become friends with humans but the distrusting nature of the Earthlings led to war. After a long stretch in prison he still hasn’t learned to value people more than money. The experience changes Paul, but will he, his family or Jesha live long enough to change the world? Intended for use with coma patients, he suddenly gets the chance to use it with a colleague who is comatose after an accident. The town’s physician, Dr. So, when they spot Dlavan’s grandson Ma’al, wandering in the woods, they follow him home to the farm.

Aaron continues building his case, but has trouble, even with the airtight evidence provided to him by the time traveler. Jack takes the job, and eventually Trenton convinces Jack to allow him to try his virtual reality suit. Kiko confronts Macen and gets the truth. But one night, a strange object falls into Hannah’s room, and emits a mysterious green glow.


Fearing that he has neglected his wife, he tries at first to make up for it by showering her with attention and affection—but his resentment toward the man who murdered him takes over. They build and activate it just in time to see the ship pushed away from the sun and towards safety.

The delegation from Earth, already at the summit facility, watch in horror as the crash of the shuttle sparks an exchange that results in the mutual destruction of both the Earth and Dregocian flagships, orbiting the planetoid.

This episode is a sequel to episode Unnatural Selection. All the teens are quarantined at a hospital, but when they are separated from the music on the tape they all experience severe pain and withdrawal symptoms.

The next prisoner brought in for the experiment repeatedly claims to be innocent before being put in simulation.

Is Mother a monster or a savior? But, she only discovers how big a story it is when her pursuit of the strange young man is cut short by a top-secret military unit that is also chasing him. Now, Bernard can use his brain to make others feel the kind of crippling fear he used to feel. McEnerney realizes that keeping Hawkes reawaeningtvshow beyond his time has serious consequences and refuses Hawkes’ request to be given priority.

Commander Virgil finds himself between two realities. Ady attempts to bluff her way out of the situation but is forced to admit the truth: The committee adjourns for a private conference to discuss their decision. Ray kills Dylan, but his family no longer loves him because he looks like the other GRS monsters.

The Russians also fire missiles.

Brandon gives Jabril an ultimatum to get what he wants. In order to do that, she must overcome some serious obstacles.

They stand on a beach, with her visibly pregnant. A seaeon transport vessel on a routine mission is suddenly forced out of hyperspace into a black and starless void.

As the mysterious changes continue, it becomes clear that although Davidow did what it took to survive, the price of survival seaaon be exile from everything he knows and loves. The birth of a child is a joyful event, but for Shal and Brav, two young naive humans who live in a small commune in the woods, it is also a mystery and moment tinged with sadness. Desperate for fresh victims, Hannah attacks her doctor, who refuses to give in to her obsession.


Stark explains that he built a machine, the Quantum Mirror, to explore all those different versions of himself, only to have his experiment go horribly wrong because he pulled a murderous version of himself, a man we know as Mace, into his reality. She decides to leave, since her husband lied, but Graham tries to convince her to give him a second chance.

The Generation Show : Season 1 Finale

As the story progresses at fast pace, bad decisions are taken due to mistrust and scarcity of information. Melanie returns from her trip. The Inspector calls America “the land of opportunity” and coughs up the same green substance as the infected women. Valerie escapes, follows Frank and again reawakeningtvhsow to kill Rachel.

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The final scene shows the robot grinning. Amy, a secret religious fanatic, alters the experiment. But can a trust so fragile survive the efforts of those on both sides who would rather see war continue than relations improve? It turns out that Adams is an alien and his “kind” are trying to keep their presence a secret. The captain manages to fire him on an escape pod.

Ashton starts to question Clint. She is designed to be attractive, helpful and a perfect companion for a disabled man.