That’s as unpaid as it gets. Ironically, our area happens to be dominated by Shaw Direct. None of our members have gone HD yet. An adjustment was made this August to the ratio between funding from revenues and funding from complaint-based fees and it’s open to those sectors or those providers who wish to have their representative on the board advocate for a different split to do so. Many interveners echo our views. However, the fundamental issue is whether or not people can get access to the content that is being delivered.

We don’t want to do that. I think that having the best practices was — having those guidelines is excellent but also I really think that it could be random, you know, where someone is hired to — over a period of six months or something they randomly — someone like Shaw or something like that, they randomly listen and they say, you know, “This voice didn’t work for it,” “They just stepped on dialogue,” “The levels were poor,” whatever it is. And I think, again, if we did that analysis this fall and next spring, I’m hoping to see those numbers increase. It may not — it may not be perfect. In order to meet the requirements of the Official Languages Act, transcripts of proceedings before the Commission will be bilingual as to their covers, the listing of the CRTC members and staff attending the public hearings, and the Table of Contents. Therefore, time more than money was the inhibiting factor. So, yeah, good luck with that, and thank you for participating in this hearing.

I don’t have your act in front of me, but I believe the wording is something like: Even where they are able to generate some money of their own, so for example, St. Rae, I read your submission to us, which was both thoughtful and complete, and you did a good job this morning in raising your priorities, and maybe adding some new ones, you know some new focus to episkde discussion.

Forevermore Episodes Replay –

All of those things are financial — and that’s great, because the financing really tends to roll things. We want to do as well. CCTS filed brief written comments in rediffusio proceeding. The following image list is analyzed based on the image search for the keyword Forevermore Episodes Replay. We request that this principle be continued with every licence renewal. That this would be different communities is really something. Je prendrai seulement quelques secondes.

They have launched this solution as both a hardware and a software overlay on other manufacturers’ set-top boxes in the U. Il faut prendre le temps de le faire. That’s really the argument we’re making. We have seen that encouraging by the Commission has not led to significant progress, so we do support the introduction of requirements. Well, it used to exist, so I would imagine that it exists today.


If we can’t resolve them in a way that satisfies both parties, we do a formal investigation and we figure out whether plys customer has been mistreated, or whatever the — wrongly billed or didn’t get the service, or whatever the case rediffysion be We don’t want to do that. We have a direct link with the consumer through our panel. That really makes life easier for me, so I thank you for that.

Are you talking about the reflection of OLMC on the networks? Okay, thank you very much, Mr. Hopefully the interpreters were able to pick up everything you were saying. The only answer is to serve rural communities with adequate amounts of local, relevant content.

None of our members have gone HD yet. This information is not on the record of this proceeding but, with your consent, we would propose to share it with you. Everyone in our town can receive Channel 26 freely, which is what we believe a community or public access television service should be. If the description is going on and somebody is on their computer, or whatever, they are hearing the description, too.

We were thinking you were talking about digital boxes, accessible digital boxes. Well, I’m just turning the TV off. In fact, we believe all channels ought to provide DV and that this needs to be mandated within the next licence renewal period. In terms of descriptive video, that means being able to turn that on or off, as need be, and also having some way of knowing, for example, in program guides and such, which programs actually have descriptive video attached to them.

Yet, the community and public channels that have the public service mandate to do this kind of programming are underfunded and get nothing. I want to raise also the issue of what scrolls across the TV screen, whether that be stock quotations, scores during sports events It has been done, and with the right collaboration between the Commission, users, and the industry, I think Canadians with sight impairment or vision loss can start enjoying or have similar access to DV online as their counterparts in the U.

Well, all your other positions are quite clear, except one, because you’ve been leaning very heavily on funding and access. No, it was fine. Donc, je n’y reviendrai pas. Who pays for it, then?

I mean you’ve got to sort of have stuff in your pocket and doing it elsewhere. When we were doing the Olympics, it wasn’t taped, so we weren’t looking at a tape and describing it, we had to be in-studio, and CTV decided that this was the way to do it. Et dans les lettres, il doit vous offrir de faire la Bien, pourquoi vous ne l’avez pas.


The thing — where it falls down, if you get the Netflix, there’s no described content available on Netflix. It is not subject to the Government of Canada Web Standards and has ;lus been altered or updated since it was archived. We can no longer hold back the ocean.

Think about it, if you didn’t describe that well, you couldn’t describe what was going on for people who are blind to find the humour. And which one is the best application, is another issue I don’t want to get into right now. Otherwise, I am going to spend five minutes trying to figure out what you did before I can get the TV back to where it was. You’re obviously very knowledgeable, not just about the needs of your community, but also knowledgeable about the regulatory process.

And, in fact, on the industry as a whole, I just wish it — I just wish it didn’t take — because we would much rather work collaboratively with the industry than to have to go through the human rights or the litigious process. I have a bad case of cataracts, but before you feel sorry for me, my operation is in four weeks, so However, we worry that merely requiring BDUs to procure accessible set-top boxes “where available” would leave too much room for BDUs to avoid meeting the spirit of this requirement because the language as it is right now does not require BDUs to work closely with manufacturers of set-top — accessible set-top boxes.

I take the liberty of summarizing the reasons that they believe support the referral of the ombudsman mandate to us.

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You give somebody a guideline, you don’t just say, “Okay, there, just read it over” and that’s it. We are launching a French version of our DV guide to coincide with the launch of our French service. Il y a beaucoup beaucoup de personnes, soit des malentendants qui regardent toutes les informations parce que, justement, ils n’ont pas suffisamment d’information.