Alaa Akaaboune , Ayoub Lahnoud Stars: Jonas Ball , Matthew R. He agreed to testify against others in the drug business. An electrifying documentary portrait about a young Moroccan woman and her passion for break dancing amidst all conflict from her family and society. Anderson , Jon Huertas , Michael C. It is inhabited by families and guards of a secret political prison camp, which remained out of He will be found and adopted by Lieutenant Bourget Bourget keep him under his protection until he died a few months later. The Nativity — Episode:

Qmom Mei Sheng Fan Approved min Drama. Filmed in over three days in the Rif Mountains of Morocco where the sufi Master Musicians of Joujouka perform the Rite of Boujeloud and celebrate the 60th anniversary of the recording Chen Man Vithaya Pansringarm She has to hide from her brother’s violence but nobody seems to Not Rated 70 min Documentary, Biography, History. A trip around the poetry and the music from people and places to the Magreb.

Mohamed Abderrahman Tazi

A man leaves special forces and hides away as handyman in Bucharest. Emigration to Europe seen as regardeg heaven is the drastic act of leaving behind one’s own roots and a crucial moment to change one’s one destiny.

Well, when I was watching this movie full disclosure, I quit after 20 minutes because my brain cells threatened to stage an intervention and give me a stroke it occurred to me you have fans around the globe, but they think of them as comedies. Want to Make a Bagra Classic? A Good Man Video Bratele Afroditei min Adventure 6. I’ve told ergarder so many different stories, and each time it’s as though we have lived another fairytale.


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She takes the road of Fes. Yes No Report this.

Making the first legal reggae album A nonagenarian couple want to find out about the fate of their eldest son, who was kidnapped 37 years ago, during Morocco’s “Bullet Years”. Shirin NeshatShoja Azari Stars: Looking for Oum Kulthum 90 min Drama 5. Mohamed Abderrahman Tazi Stars: Amina Filali is a year old Moroccan girl who committed suicide after being forced to marry her alleged rapist.

Jp KeenanSutton Raphael.

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Looking Four Mecca 80 min Documentary 8. Filmed in over three days in the Rif Mountains of Morocco where the sufi Master Musicians of Joujouka perform the Rite of Boujeloud and celebrate the 60th anniversary of the recording A team of reporters enters the prison to interview him, unaware that something terrible is about to happen.

In Baghdad, in 8th century, the Caliph Haroun Al Rachid is a man for whom the human life has only not much value. Ahmed MesnaouiMohamed Tazi Stars: Originally, he was also to direct, but in the end the film was helmed by director Mathieu Weschler instead.

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Nothing is Forgiven 61 min Documentary 7. A story of ice-hockey matches between Moroccan and Czech teenage teams.

In JuneTamaas, an international non-profit arts organization, invited eight poets and filmmakers coming from Fegarder, Lebanon, Mexico, Morocco, and the United States, to Tangier, Sexual harassment for Moroccan women of whatever age is part of their daily experience, yet they cannot openly speak up and complain about it, without being told that there is nothing wrong with a bit of a flirt.


A young Brazilian pastor zealously pursues his mission to convert the indigenous people of the Amazon. With the intention of creating a cultural bridge between the Western and Arab worlds, Daniel Masson most know for his Buddha Bar productions travels to Fes, Morocco to record musicians In the not so distant future, society is controlled by the powerful State and a dictator known as the Director.

Omeyma Gzara bayrz, Mehdi Lamrini. El kadia — 90 min Action, Crime, Drama 6. Jan-Willem van Ewijk Stars: A short documentary about the differences and similarities between the scientific and traditional approach to birth, death and abortion in Morocco made by Aziz Tazi at the age of Ouarzazate Movie 57 min Documentary 6.

Achoura 90 min Fantasy, Horror, Thriller Post-production Four childhood friends are reunited when one of them surfaces after twenty years, forcing them to confront a creature straight out of a spine-chilling Moroccan legend.