Rehaai started off with child marriages and ended with women and how important it is for them to be financially independent. Kulsum grows and gives birth to 3 daughters which makes Waseem angry. That is something lacking in pakistani dramas. She tells him in no certain terms will she get married at this age as she want to go to medical school and become a doctor. She throws him out of the house. The same Kulsoom whom he refused to give shelter. The story follows the consequences caused by this child marriage.

Since he fired Akmal, there was no one to look after his shop and as a result he got into a severe financial crisis. None of the episodes was boring or slow. I am so sick of the rotee dhotee baybus aurat who spends her whole life getting beat up while the audience is made to bear witness to every blow and scream. It started well as Kulsoom finally agreed to continue her studies and thanks to Shamim, she is talking to Akmal again. Now that they have the means, everything Shamim and her family lost is coming back to them. At once, she extended a helping hand and convinced her to work for Kashf Foundation.

The topic of this article may not meet Wikipedia’s notability guideline for television. There was no glamour in the serial and yet it kept you glued till the end. This time he is the one who is dependant on them and they are the ones who set conditions. Shameem’s sister has a son Akmal.

Kulsoom, who overheard the conversation, was heartbroken and ashamed at the same time as she realised that her mother-in-law knew about Akmal and epiode. What else can we expect from someone who sells his 11 year old daughter? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Danish Taimoor was truly the best choice for an amazing character like Akmal.


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We were told these were real stories that were related to the writer by Kashf Foundation. Yes the first couple of episodes were shocking indeed, but since then the serial has gotten relatively easy to watch…. As for Kulsoom, the only solution she can come up with is hiding herself rrehaai the world. She just broke my heart.

rheaai I found her to be extremely unbearable. I have not watched this yet, looks kinda disturbing. This is a bit too much to handle… Like Like. More articles by admin. Rehaai is the story of Shamim, a woman married off when she was barely more than a child. The story follows the consequences caused by this child marriage. Instead of weeping and crying about their financial situation, women in our society should learn to think rationally and come up with a productive solution.

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The episode circulated around Waseem and his struggle to come to terms with the fact that he is paralysed. All in all, a very happy ending. In this way Shameem gets freedom or Rehaai from the society’s evil traditions making the show end on a happy note. Yes, I had lastt the JPJ morning show and fully intended to acknowledge the Kashf Foundation involvement, but after watching the very powerful opening ep all other thoughts flew out the window — my apologies!


Shahnaz guessed and instead of holding that against Kulsoom, she wished the two could have a future together. Even Vasim knows how much his mother hates him, so why did he think she would listen to him?

Khala disgusting is knowingly and willingly letting her grown, divorced daughter with a son have an illegitimate relationship and that too in her own house…and all fo this for money and expensive things. Notify me of episose posts via email. He goes to see Akmal and tell him everything.

After a really long time, a serial that focuses on women liberation has been produced. The feature I found most admirable about this scene was that it seemed real and epksode. Everyone knows labor is no piece of cake and that it is one of the most painful experiences a woman goes through…so why was it necessary to actually show such a bold scene?

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However, his gloomy and depressed mood did not remain hidden from his family. But he was the best of husbands! Danish TaimoorPakistani DramasRehai.