Arthur is about to shoot Eric, when the two of them discover how much they’ve got in common: Views Read Edit View history. Filming locations were Saltaire and Haworth , West Yorkshire. Hugo, the elder, is only interested in motors and seen as a loony by the rest of the family. Tomkinson Palin is a new boy at Graybridge, a traditional English public school. This page was last edited on 4 February , at Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. He tries to persuade his parents to let him go, but of course they refuse.

Eileen joins in, throwing a large potted plant at Gordon, who tries to “head” it like a football. An hour later Tomkinson finds himself behind the headmaster’s writing desk, completely drunk, with cigarettes and accompanied by a half-naked, unmarried Filipina lady, as the tunnel finishes too early. The ship explodes and Kevin is the only survivor. Was this review helpful to you? It might be grim up north but that is because of the precipitation. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Then one day he is accidentally caught up in a bank robbery and discovers that the robber shares his interests in shovels,black pudding and rainfall so they team up to make daring raids to steal rainfall records. She keeps trying to tell him that she’s having a baby, even putting notes in his lunchbox, but he seems not to notice. He also wanted to abolish the Loyal Toast, the National Anthem and set up a socialist republic.

He hands it back to the Naga tribesmen.

The Testing of Eric Olthwaite

Start your free trial. She also drives Garns in the taxi to Smuggler’s Cottage, a beach house, even though she can’t see the road.

A moment later, another man is caught passing the port from left to right. Views Read Edit View history. One day, he is woken up by the furious guard leader Sergeant Vogel Roy Kinnear: Kevin promises to do his best and on no account to touch the Claw. Whinfrey arrives and is greeted by a housekeeper, Mrs.


The four confessed murderers then shoot one another and only Lady Chiddingfold is left. Use dmy dates from May Tomkinson is shocked – not least because his father is homosexual.

Tomkinson wins the hop and he hops on to his home, where he finds his mother entangled with a half-naked man. The day of the match it looks bad for Barnstoneworth. He returns to his uncle, who tells him that the Claw will find a way to return to him and that he shall live in this house until it does. The Testing of Eric Olthwaite 27 Sep 8. Otway Maria Aitken and a strangely large staff of at least 20 people.

This is a parody of Orson Welles ‘ appearance in a Domeq sherry commercial, made explicit by Palin saying “Our sherry tonight Tadger’s Day, having to ask permission to breathe out after They run for it and manage to escape.

Charles claims having seen nothing as he just watched a trapdoor open. Anthony’s, a Buddhist public school.

Consisting of only three episodes and following two years after the first, the series is introduced by the same presenter as the first. During a rugby match he scores a try and keeps on running, but having eirc some miles he is caught by the school leopard and carried back to school on a stretcher.

The British government ask Gerald Whinfrey Palin to look into this.

Eric’s girlfriend is carrying on behind his back and Eric cannot get a job in the back because he is so dull. He makes the whole village search ot the frogs, but they are distracted by the radio, transmitting Wimbledon week tennis. The episode was made as a pilot at the suggestion of BBC Director Terry Hughesthe intention being to “take a familiar genre of Victorian and Edwardian children’s literature, the public school story, and to make it the basis of an rippkng spoof”.


“Ripping Yarns” The Testing of Eric Olthwaite (TV Episode ) – Filming & Production – IMDb

One night, two guards ask him for help. Kevin tries to explain the situation to his crew, but Russell throws the Testung into the sea. Two rippiny crash in front of the truck and the truck driver does a tap dance when he realises he’s on film.

He starts to construct a glider out of toilet rollsmaps the wires and perimeters and starts digging tunnels in the flower beds, yet one escape was foiled when he was reported to the Germans who promptly took him away to solitary confinement; unbeknownst to Phipps, he had almost stumbled across one of the escape tunnels under construction, about which he had known nothing, and therefore needed to be stopped. He tells Tomkinson that he and the chaplain control the way out of the school, and that he wants Tomkinson to test the chaplain’s new tunnel.

The episode ends on a freeze-frame of him heading potted plant, as Eileen is heard saying, “Gordon?

In voiceover he tells of the horrors of school life: One day in Junetherefore, he is transferred to the most infamous prison camp: He is about to leave when another half-naked man joins them: To give Phipps no chance to do the same, he is from now on closely watched even when using the toilet.