Find More Posts by kurosawa. Above all this is just a kick-back and enjoy it animated adventure that lampoons the Conan genre perfectly while doing so affectionately. For the record, our oily butts are available on itunes. We so want to write you something new about Ronal. I can safely say a lot probably went into the making of the movie; The direction and animation is very very well made. It may have lots of sorcery, but it truly lacks magic.

Send a private message to Hardkore. Intern not part of prize because of legal contract hassle. Ronal is at the Comedy Festival this weekend. If you do not like dark humor – stay out of it. I kid you not, Conan probably says a maximum of forty words or less throughout the entire movie. Had it been live action, it would have been classed as absolute dreck but being animated seems to have saved it from actual criticism which is a shame. Ronal is the seven stone weakling and the rest of his tribe, the Barbarians, are all built like Arnie. Originally Posted by the13thman Does it not have forced French subs with the English audio track?

This is our Megaposter. It is still like that sadly, for some “adult” mean aiming directly for language, sex and violence and doing it so heavy handedly that it becomes more childish instead. Very much recommended if Game of Thrones with lots of laughs and silliness rocks your boat Which lacks subtktles sort of finesse, culture, period etc. Although I had some problems understanding it it’s Danish ronak I had to follow all the subtitlesit will make you laugh or at least put a smile on your face very often.

Ronal himself has an unflinching feel of repetitiveness, too close to comfort to the character of Hiccup from the “How to Train a Dragon” movie, as if somewhat of an expansion of his traits and frailties, only set in an adult-friendly environment. By browsing Catawiki, you agree to our use of cookies. Send a private message to Zivouhr. Think “Clash of The Titans” not one thing in the entire film is 3D except for the ending credits.


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Old Boy and the Hammer, and there isn’t a single cut in that, or any fast camera move, it’s just good old fashioned choreography and stunt acting. Find More Posts by the13thman. Originally Posted by wildbill All sequences are treated in a very funny and entertaining manner, which makes it a great comedy.

Perhaps the noble Conan will someday get his proper due spsnish a modern film. NOT English friendly, but who cares when you can hear “barbarian rhapsody. The critics are right. But we promise to release the awesome US dub as soon as we can.

New, in excellent shape: Because the adult theme appears to be added by kids who are still giddy about the new naughty words they learned and the weak slapstick comedy they added few and far between to remember or take notice. Now I don’t normally like to compare two movies or shows much, but it was hard for me not to find this as more of an adult form of one of my favorite movies Alabama Home Theater Gallery: While its relentless, gory violence is more faithful to the Robert E.

Was this review helpful? Beside of that, this was a fairly average film. Stephen Lang Colonel Quaritch of “Avatar” is the half-assed villain Khalar Zym, who inspires zero awe and no respect on his whatever quest for some supernatural thingy, which is such an afterthought that you constantly forget about it.

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Because of this, there are some things that I don’t really understand as far as jokes go. Talking more stereotypical here. Originally Posted by the13thman Does it not have forced French subs with the English audio track? And do not get me started on the country hick voice Ben Bledsoe gave for Alibert, the bard.


Ronal der Barbar – Filmkritik: See you at the streets of skulls in Sitges on Tuesday at 4 o’clock pm. Killing the image of underwear. Users who are looking for this item will then automatically receive an e-mail notification about your offer unless they have disabled the notification function in My Profile. Above all this is just a kick-back and enjoy it animated adventure that lampoons the Conan genre perfectly while doing so affectionately.

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Not everyone who is masochistic dresses like these guys. And it really worked for subtites. Conan the Barbarian is overall an absolutely terrible movie. Some scenes were too bright and conflicted with the mood, but again, the mood changed as often as it would in an angst ridden teenager.

Think along the lines of Scary Movie, Vampires Suck and Meet the Spartans and you have an acutely good idea of what this is, near humor-like substitute for those who know no better or much in general. The surprise is how good the plot and the script are subtjtles the time flies by and there is enough substance here to make this more than watchable.

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