In the beginning of the series, he is somewhat careless and lazy. He is best friends with Yui, and is in love with her but too scared to tell her. Perdana Malaysia ke-9 Group: Many times Kanai and Kurea can tell if something evil is happening to Okinawa, if Auntie starts acting unusual. Well, that’s nice for them. Like most young Okinawan’s he doesn’t know about the soul of the islands and why they have certain traditions. Show posts by this member only Post 4.

When some teenagers lifted a sacred seal off the bolder the Majimun were trapped within, all the Majimun escaped. It always is intercepted by Yunta, Yui or Mabuya. The first season aired from 4 October to 27 December [1] and a second season aired from 2 October to 25 December She can summon Ryujin Mabuyer by yelling “SO! However the power of the spirit of Okinawa was too strong for Majimun King to escape all the way. Ryujin Mabuyer to be Adapted in Malaysia Not a member yet? This post has been edited by ironmaid

Habu-Devil is driven to destroy Okinawan culture because he feels the islands belong to Habu and other monsters as they were there first rather than the humans who came later.

Show posts by this member only Post 5. The helmet of his costume switches between one with tentacles and one with goggles, depending on if he’s with friends or enemies. After he tells the story and explains the moral and why it relates to their current situation, the story pictures disappear from the frame due to Majimun King’s evil spell. Mabuyer’s energy attack is summoned by whistling with his fingers.


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Habuhime-Devil is the leader eisode the Evilcorps Majimun in season 2. Jan 20 Mangoochu is based on a mongoosewhich in Okinawan lore is the rival of the Habu snake, and equally as aggressive. She often participates in the festivals and other activities in the town.

琉神マブヤ-4(ユ-チ) #1 前編 20160715

A local hero is a tokusatsu hero who is based around a certain region or a certain prefecture in Japan, and tends to be based off local ryujln and industries. I’d really like to check some out. Ryujin Mabuyer follows the adventures of a local hero of the Okinawa Prefecture. Read latest posts or hide this alert.

To villains and Kanai, he is a man in a poorly constructed dog costume. Budak budak sekarang patut nonton material macam ni, bukan powerpuff girls.

Views Read Edit View history. Every day he tells Yui and Yunta an Epsiode folktale related to their problem of the day. Those are some awesome suit designs!

Ryujin Mabuyer to be Adapted in Malaysia – Tokunation

Welcome Guest Log In Register. They primarily make a ‘Koo-Koo’ sound to communicate, but occasionally will use words to speak to their leaders. On my way Group: Show posts by this member only Post 3.


Thanks to our forum member irsyadsway we can tell you that a lesser known tokusatsu known as Ryujin Mabuyer is going to be adapted in Malaysia! You can help by adding to it.

He also trains them in new techniques. They are based on non-specific Okinawan spiders.

But when it is time for her to fight she is a formidable enemy. Leave your iuwara on the TokuNation Forums. Straight Outta Nowhere Group: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He rediscovered his brotherly bond, and found the power within himself to become Ryujin Ganasea. When in a living form, he appears as a German Shepherd Dog to all normal humans.

Ryujin Mabuyer to be Adapted in Malaysia

This one gooding for comical laugh till die Nenek pernah berpesan, “akulah keadilan” Obaachan ga itteita: I know they prob have put up quite a lot of effort because not easy to break the traditional metaphor especially our country. In season 1 Kurea does not know Kanai is Ryujin Mabuyer, but has a crush on the hero.

Perdana Malaysia juwaar Group: It is based on the adventures of a local hero of Okinawa Prefecture of the same name.