CS1 uses Japanese-language script ja CS1 Japanese-language sources ja Use dmy dates from September Articles containing Japanese-language text Articles to be expanded from April All articles to be expanded Articles with empty sections from April All articles with empty sections Articles using small message boxes Articles with Japanese-language external links Official website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia. He can summon Ryujin Mabuyer by yelling “SO! Your fate has been decided. Retrieved from ” https: He is based on the Habu snake that is prevalent in Okinawa. Mangoochu a play on Mongoose and ‘chu’ the sound of kissing is a female villain in the Evilcorp Majimun. This section is empty.

Im inside u now. However the power of the spirit of Okinawa was too strong for Majimun King to escape all the way. Hopefully will not seeing same three monster all over again from beginning to end. Show posts by this member only Post 3. Many times Kanai and Kurea can tell if something evil is happening to Okinawa, if Auntie starts acting unusual. Nenek pernah berpesan, “akulah keadilan” Obaachan ga itteita:

He rediscovered his brotherly bond, and found the power within himself to become Ryujin Ganasea.

This post has been edited by ironmaid He also added that as the number one television network in Malaysia, TV3 is always ready to offer fresh and exciting content to meet the demands of its audience. Although they are much better at finding the Mabui stones than they are at fighting. She can summon Ryujin Mabuyer by yelling “SO! Aren’t I just good enough to eat? Say what you will about the idea, but the production values of the show and the localisation seems to indicate that there was quite a bit of thought that went into the show.

Hope it will like Super Sentai or Kamen Rider villain, main villain create other monster using tool like token in Jueara to create monster epissode from human greed or using half token to create the minion.

Luckily this occurred just in time, because the Evilcorps Majimun elisode just arrived on Okinawa to steal all of the Mabui stones soul of Okinawa stones and cause bad things to happen. Obachan “Auntie” is an old lady in the town who knows uchina guchi Okinawan Dialect and all the old traditions. The bad guys are fcking imbecile It always is intercepted by Yunta, Yui or Mabuya. This page was last edited on 9 Decemberat Others who criticize in a bad sense never would have thought of making such video or even suit up in the first place.


Costume is most prob self made which in our country consider better then average although still not that smooth factory like quality. Maybe this time I can actually catch the show.

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Show posts by this member only Ryuin 3. But when it is time for her to fight she is a formidable enemy. I accept No cookies Read privacy policy. He acts cocky but gives up fighting easily. Kinda like one of those sarcastic comedy. Joined by his two other co-stars Faralyna Idris who plays his best friend Maya and Ali Alasri that plays Shafiq, a fellow superhero that discovers his powers. To villains episodee Kanai, he is a man in a poorly constructed dog costume.

OVA Mabuyer is the embodiment of the spirit of Okinawa that protects the islands from harm. What will happen if i pull this? Every day he tells Yui and Yunta an Okinawan folktale related to their problem of the day. Habuhime-Devil is the leader of the Evilcorps Majimun in season 2.

Must be fcking Tongkat University student that did it. Previous post Honestly, fear.

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In his human form he is Kanai’s long lost older brother Nirai. He’s much rather suck up to Habuhime-Devil for approval, than win fights. Im inside u now. She also sometimes plays a black Sanshin Okinawan traditional 3 stringed banjo to paralyze her enemies. OVA Jinpun-chan is an old man who lives in the spirit forest, in which only children or those with pure hearts can visit. Show posts by this member only Post 5.


When in a living form, he appears as a German Shepherd Dog to all normal humans. When not in a living form he appears as a male Shisa statue with a red bandana. Koobers 1 and 2 are the junior henchmen of the Majimun.

Okay obviously its lame, b-level, 70’s style, japanese kamen genre. This allows her or other villains to strike without being harmed themselves.

Mangoochu is based on a mongoosewhich in Okinawan lore is the rival of the Habu snake, and equally as aggressive. In season 2 he is split from Nirai and is considerably weaker without him.

Eventually Kanai rescued him and Kanamie nursed him back to health. She often has an Okinawan related problem that can be solved by learning a traditional story from Jinpun-chan, and inevitably has to retrieve the ‘soul flower’ of the story when the Majimun try to steal it.

She is best friends with Yunta, but has a crush on Mabuyer. She often keeps Kanai on his toes and reminds him about things he has to do.

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This was the bestt IMG: After he tells the story and explains the moral and why it relates to their current situation, the story pictures disappear from the frame due to Majimun King’s evil spell.

She often participates in the festivals and other activities in the town.

Nenek pernah berpesan, “akulah keadilan” Obaachan ga itteita: Nirai does not appear in SO! He is based on the Habu snake that is prevalent in Okinawa. There’s some lameness thing episodr it that require true lameness-insight.