Samar goes to Saloni’s house and gives the gifts on behalf of the girls’ uncle. Bhabho and Tara are not too happy when Shweta insists that Sawri also give her opinion about the sarees and jewellery. Shweta is stunned when Tara informs her that Sawri will be getting married to Aman’s paternal uncle! Seeing Shweta losing, Rajveer intentionally falls, so that she wins. Mahendra wonders how Sawri got to know about Pooja. Click here to login. The officer praises Sawri for saving everyone’s lives. On the other hand, Shweta voices her concern about Sawri’s decision, but Vaidehi reassures her.

On the other hand, Rajveer is excited seeing his elder brother Daksh Amit Jain. Sawri begs Bhabho to call off Shweta’s marriage. Shweta then asks Brijesh whether he and the family can never forgive her mother, so Brijesh says that his heart and head have always pulled him in different directions. Meanwhile, Rajveer and Daksh rush to meet their aunt, who turns out to be none other than Saloni! Brijesh phones Aman and asks for Ashok because Sawri is missing. Aman tells Shweta that his actions were justified and he was being possessive because he loves her very much. He returns to Rajveer and says that the girl he loves seems to more like a girl he would be attracted to! Sawri meets Daksh, and he narrates everything what happened.

The next morning, Brijesh pacifies a dejected Shweta and assures her that nothing can change the truth that she is the daughter of the house. What is in Aman’s mind? Just then, Kaveri comes there and regrets her misdeeds.

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Tara walks away in a huff. However, it’s too late as Aditya sees her leaving the discotheque. Shweta is shattered to know that she is not Nahar and Saloni’s daughter!


He promises to always remain her saviour. Sawri takes Daksh to Narpat and Ambica and meets them in the temple. Saloni is delighted to see Daksh return from the US. Tara suggests that puere must get Shweta and Rajveer married soon. Meanwhile, Sawri informs Shweta that she’s aware of her mother being alive, and that she is Rajveer’s aunt as well.

The girls return home and Shweta’s trophy falls on the ground. Aman sees this and is furious but his uncle stops him. The brothers can’t stop praising her!

Shweta is pleased to see that Aman’s way of thinking is liberal. However, when Sawri requests Bhabho to rethink her decision, Bhabho retorts that everything is being done for Shweta’s good. Just then, Gurumaa walks in with Amrit, and Bhabho asks Saloni and Amrit to give the daughters away in marriage. On the other hand, Sawri is worried and wonders how she will save Shweta.

Sawri hopes that Shweta’s hasty decision won’t prove to be unwise. Once the girls return home, Sawri informs Tara and Bhabho how Aman had ruthlessly beaten the man for no fault of his. Shweta scolds Sawri for making such a big sacrifice. The family is consumed with more guilt when Gurumaa informs Bhabho and others that Sawri, the girl whom they always ill-treated, is Nahar and Saloni’s daughter!

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Aman and his family leave from their home for Bhabho’s house. Sawri decks up Shweta and the sisters share an emotional moment together. Aman’s father, Mahendra, tells Brijesh that he and his family are being insulted, so he must throw Pooja out.


Bhabho thanks Rajveer for saving Shweta’s life and invites him and his brother home. Just then, Aman kidnaps Shweta, and she screams for help. Rajveer and Daksh’s paternal aunt comes and is pleased to see that Rajveer has chosen a beautiful bride for himself.

Although Aman disapproves, he relents. Bhabho and Pia complain about Kamini’s short dress. He sees Laali overhearing. Although others don’t wish Sawri, Narpat and Ambica wish her. After a wild chase, Aman and Shweta slip and hang on from a wpisode of a tree! Bhabho apologises to Shweta for not listening to her, so Shweta tells her that Sawri rescued them as well as the house. Aditya warns them not to blame him alone and informs them that even Shweta was in the pherf disco as he was, last evening!

Bhabho tells her family that she wonders if she has been saatt on Shweta, so Tara and Brijesh assure her that she has not. Vaidehi asks her to pray to God and then open her eyes to think of the first man!

Kaveri taunts that Sawri must be delighted that she’s going to the same house as Shweta! Meanwhile, Bhabho informs Shweta that she must forget Rajveer because she can never marry him!