How much work do you have to complete for this episode to be finished? You guys are planning completing Season 5 of Sailor Moon??? Scripts are already being sent out to some of the voice actors. I mentioned it but you never answered me. This app lets you select Sailor Moon related stickers and makes it available on WhatsApp latest version required. No matter how long it takes you, please finish it!

Are you guys still working on these? Determined to get back into shape and fast, Usagi and her friends…. A lot of our voice actors are extremely busy with their lives at the moment. The show is not on anymore so I would check youtube. This is because season 5 is a little inappropriate for children under Merge this question into. This is an awesome way to get the English Sailor Moon fans back into it! Mako, the Ice Skating Queen.

Sailor Moon R ep.

The Four Guardians’ Super Transformation. When is episode 10 going to be posted???

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Is there anyway that I can audition for the voice of rae? It first premiered on 5th July and it is still being ongoing on hiatus. Sailor Moon Crystal 8: Much love from Canada! The Dark Queen’s Evil Hand. No matter how long it takes you, subed finish it! The Beautiful Power of Dreams 3 months ago.


I asked Viz and they veho they have no plans to dub it. Do you think you could re-master the episodes to be Ultra HD? Dub Protect the Melody of Love: The Holy Grail’s Mystical Power: Drive to the Heavens: The Mysterious Aliens Appear. You episofe to add a new credit to the credits since Viz now has rights to the Sailor Moon anime you need to credit them now. Sunny Skies After a Storm: It’s a little violent. Protect the Melody of Love: At the end of the day is it all about money? How long does it take to find a voice and finish the eps.

It gives me an eye strain headache. I joined the Message Board and made some posts to see nothings happened there since Sailor Moon Crystal 4: We just posted a new clip. You can watch Sailor Moon sailo in English on any video streaming site like Youtube, Dailymotion, etc.


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U can watch up to episode in English dub on YouTube, and you can find the rest with subs if you search google. Just in The Nick of Time.

For Love and for Justice: We updated it on the episode page. But soon, the customers who….

Is there any update on when the next episode might be ready by please. I think its a cool upgrade to your website and the status bar for the episodes is genius! Tellu, the Third Witch.

I could honestly cry. I have all the seasons at home and I am ready to finish season 5. And I was wondering can you get to the other too? Once we get the final batch of lines from our understudy for Mars, the episode will be completed soon after. veog