The set and costume designer must b like a bull in a china shop waise china shop kehte bhi afsos ho raha hai.. It might earn them some money in the short run but in the long run they will be the ultimate losers. And within swconds i was tuned out! And the malaise seemed to have spread to the staff as well. I get that there is cinematic license but aisa bhi kiya?! BM was not shown a dominant husband only, he was extremely to the point of being sick abusive. I have watched only a part of Goya… hoping to catch up when the winter break ends… You know for all the mess that these dramas are, their OSTs are so good.

And ji bilkul, sahi samjhe, bechara chota bhai is not so chota and neither quite a bechara , since he already has a pouting girlfriend waiting in the wings. Now we talk big, as in owners of riyasats, centuries old at that. The manager did not seem like he had just been at the scene of a fire, rather, given his chamkila grey suit and maroon tie, it seemed like he had just strolled in from a shaadi , and that too his own. Thats how i summarize this drama. Definitely a must watch. Having moved on from the feuding two sisters our producers and channels are now hung up on the two wives formula.

Notify me of new comments via email. And within swconds i was tuned out! And on Anushay, she has to get the genius of the year award, what with brilliant dialogues like: Director, dop, producers, wardrobe etc but for me the most disappointing factor was the writer.


As begum nawab puts it: I think i need a break!

Saltanat e Dil First Episode 1 Full HD New Drama 18th December – video dailymotion

dll Kis zamane mein rehte hein yeh characters. Oh sz btw excellent snapshots and spot on comparisons! And ab with Mawra!!! I wanted to give writer another chance here… So i tuned in. I swear this was made for these guys: To me it seemed like a curious mixture of Marwari, Thari, Lukhnawi, Gujrati cultures and languages. It may seem like nitpicking but my point is why so much OTT-ness?

But then again, as I said in the post as well …. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Rather than choreographing dances why not spend time on getting the context of the story right?

Do you remember how awful he looked with Sanam B in that bakwas one that you had reviewed? I was watching but nothing was registering!!

Saltanat e Dil Episode 1 Full New Drama on Geo Tv

Shukk kya popular ho gaya sab nay socha wohi formula apply kar kay aik blockbuster hum bhee bana laitay hein! Now we talk big, as in owners of riyasats, centuries old at that. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Jahan instead of getting angry you just laugh at the stupidity and such mixture of bollywood. That gives the idea that if husband is abusive then one day he will become the Prince Charming, and the wife must keep trying.


This one was beyond the need for sunglasses. Tht instead of utilising money on some decent stuff. Disappointed and disenchanted is exactly how I feel as well.

DB yes there was AA. BM was not shown a dominant husband only, he was extremely to the point of being sick abusive. No, now its all about thrills and which serials offers the most — the race for TRPs is on. Maybe we need to get those glasses with those special filters!! It needed another warning sign.

Barish, umbrella and kkkg chapa tou apni jagah disturbing tha hi, Plastic sheet… Really???!!!!. More coming your way my friend! As for the overall direction, look and feel I leave you to judge for yourself.

Saltanat e Dil Episode 2 Full on Geo Tv – December 25

Aqal, ankhein sub band kar ke… A mishmash of bad taste Overload!! Comparing it to numm, this is a complete disaster!!!! Utterly disappointed with this drama… Pain on eyes n brain. Definitely a must watch. Oh btw, jate jate i hope saotanat actor in the funeral scene is ok. I am glad we do not see that in dramas every day.