Lid on the box. Well, why don’t you go have yourself some fun, and I’ll take care of your boys, and you can pick ’em up later at my place! Please examine this ordinary box. Here, just step out there for a second. But we don’t have much time. Hey, I know a good trick! The boy we’re babysitting today. Then you have to do what the Internet says!

No, they’re called curly fries. But it’s all gonna be just fine. Her name is Melanie. You and me we’re gonna be just fine. That person gets a Twinfection. I just cleaned it. Okay, cool, um, uh, just wait outside.

Get Known if you don’t have an account. Alright Now, I’m gonna sprinkle some magic dust inside Is the trick over? Look, Sam, I found your chicken plate.

During xnd day the two babysit three kids, Max, Chloe, and Darby, who were supposed to be babysat by Cat’s grandma, the mom, happy with how the two babysat, offers to let them do it again which leads to them starting a babysitting cta.

And then he was knocking on our front door, acting like he’s never seen me before! Oh my And then What! Well, I’m not confused and I never forget anything.


Hey, where’s my special chicken plate? I’m never that far. Yeah I’m pretty worried about that. No, I think I’m fine. I call it PB-on-Ween. So, are you ready to be amazed and mystified? The boy we’re babysitting today. We swore that if we ever needed to use our twinosity to trick someone, we’d always be there for each other.

After a day of hijinks that end in the two bonding, as well as being awarded a life time of free cheeseburgers, Sam and Cat decide to live together after Cat’s grandmother goes to live in a old folks home.

He’s not here yet. Hey, Nor,al know a good trick! Oh, oh no, nuh-uh, no, don’t do that to her. So you’re not magic. Because I’m so smart!

Oh yay, tell me! You have to be really smart to trick old Sam. I said I’m really smart.

I just got a Tubba Chicken. It was me that’s who! Come on Goomer, we’re going to a movie.

Sam & Cat (Series) – TV Tropes

Good, now rub the fish against your face. They say that if you eat that stuff it messes with your brain. What, you mean the little boy we’re babysitting? Well, why don’t normall go have yourself some fun, and I’ll take care of your boys, and you can pick ’em up later at my place! Maybe licking that chicken is making you sickin’.


Sam & Cat – S1 E18 – Twinfection – video dailymotion

We sort of have this whole fun odd couple dynamic. Maybe you shouldn’t be licking that chicken. You remember what we promised each other, when we were five years old? There he is right there, standing right there.

And you can forget things. I didn’t do anything yet. Aren’t you Sam from iCarly? No, they’re called curly fries. When a person gets bitten by a twin Bitten by a twin.

What are you, allergic twinfecyion fun?

Sam And Cat S01E18 Twinfection

Well, I am really smart. Please examine this ordinary box. Why are you laughing?! Just admit that yesterday I got you so good, and now you’re mad because Oh my gosh.