By the time they arrive, the other Shinkengers successfully destroy Sasamatage who revives in his giant form. When Chiaki catches up to her, Kotoha tells him that the one person who could always comfort her when she felt low was her sister, so when her sister became ill, Kotoha resolved to be strong for the both of them. Now, will you flee back into the crevice in terror, or become rust on my Lord’s Katana? A devastated Dayu flees into the mortal realm to search for ideal victims with which to repair her damaged instrument. Looks like this is it for your proud Rifle Squa-. During training, Kotoha accidentally injures Chiaki and insists on tending to him. Parting ways with the Sakakibara clan, Takeru and his vassals make their way home with a new Origami. As the fight continues with Shinken Red fighting Hitomidama, the other vassals fight Shinken Blue and lose to him, leading Shinken Red to take the others in retreat.

As Takeru, Mako, and Ryunosuke catch up to Chiaki, Juzo arrives and tells them that they can enter the Sanzu River by giving up their humanity and becoming Gedonin, just as he had. After their last effort proves unsuccessful, Takeru manages to get all upcoming weddings cancelled, save for one, in order to improve their chances of confronting the Nanashi. While this occurs, Shinken Red and Juzo begin their duel to the death: When contacted by a Gedoushu attack, Genta arrives first to watch Tsubotoguro making people suffer with his pain insects and fights him until the others arrive and fight off the Nanashi. When another patron of the restaurant takes a woman as his hostage, Chiaki manages to get everyone out with him but Mako, Kurando, and a mother with her baby. The Shinkengers make their way through the hospital’s basement before being ambushed by the Kusare Nanashi.

While sitting on a dock bench, Takeru meets a young boy named Hiroki who he learned from his teacher lost his father during a Gedoushu attack.

The Sushi Samurai [ edit ]. While the others deal with the Ayakashi Sasamatage who is to blame, Chiaki and Mako manage to set up a plan to free everyone while Kurando fights some Nanashi Company members by himself. We’re also working on a Character Sheetand migrating character tropes over there. As she fell to the Gedoushu, Usuyuki was reborn as Dayu and Shinsa was transformed into her shamisen. During training, Kotoha accidentally injures Chiaki and insists on tending to him.

The Shinkengers engage him, but are still unsure of how to deal with his spinning attacks until Shinken Yellow uses the Inromaru to become Super Shinken Yellow, countering Sogizarai’s attacks with her own spinning attack. Coming to after the six shockwaves, Genta ponders killing Juzo to stop Akumaro and to ensure Takeru’s safety. Though Juzo is reluctant at first, Akumaro reveals that Uramasa is made from the souls of the Fuwa clan and that only when the sword serves its purpose will their souls be freed.


While a debate occurs at the mansion over if Takeru should accept Juzo’s challenge or not, with Ryunosuke the only one against it, Juzo talks with Dayuu, striking a nerve as she decides to live with her suffering to maintain her existence.

GentaTakeruand Kotoha. Remembering the promise he made with Genta years ago, Takeru acknowledges his friend as a Shinkenger. Using Modikara, the group manages to bring Utakasane back into their world to destroy him before he has the chance to escape.

Samurai Sentai Shinkenger Episode 12 English Subbed – The Very First Super Samurai Combination

When Mako berates him for not being a good parent, Mamoru tells her exactly why he and Kyoko left Japan years ago, leaving Mako in the care of her grandmother. With Ryunosuke following Chiaki, the two transform and manage to slay Mochibetori, negating the Ayakashi’s glue. While training, Takeru almost hurts Chiaki while remembering Juzo’s words from their last encounter. He later crosses paths with a strange kuroko who reveals his true identity.

The Stylish Combination [ edit ]. But when the vassals took the blow meant for him, Shinken Red seem cold to Kotoha being heavily wounded as he runs after the Ayakashi. When the 18th head of the Shiba Clan, Takeru Shiba, learns that the leader of the Gedoushu is close to sinkenger his full englieh, he is reluctantly forced to summon four others from his retainer families as back-up and form the Shinkenger.

After Ryunosuke apologizes for forsaking samufai and his combination blunder, he disciplines himself as Takeru and the other vassals leave him behind. When Hitomidama revives as a giant, the Tora Origami overwhelms its former master as Shinkenoh is eng,ish, combining with it to become Tora-Shinkenoh to finish the Ayakashi off.

After Shinken Red takes them all out, the vassals learn that the Gedoushu are now after Takeru as his death would ensure the Rokumon Junk would never be resealed. After the battle, Takeru and the vassals visit Genta when sginkenger businessman offers to move him from the sushi cart to an actual restaurant.


This page was last edited on 11 Februaryat Unable to help out, Genta decides to make some sushi for the others as he finds DaiGoyou a tree for Christmas. However, the Ayakashi is revived into eamurai more powerful form and Samuraihaoh is formed to battle it.

When Ryunosuke tries to cut the strings, the Ayakashi Kugutsukai reveals himself. This is a list of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger episodes. Dayu senses shinkenher conflict, as well as a premonition that Doukoku may soon reawaken. Not wanting the vassals to risk their lives for him, Takeru changes and shinkengee the Ayakashi by himself. The Rampaging Gedoushu [ edit ].

Before they can finish her off with the Kabuto Five Rings Bullet, however, a new enemy, Juzo Fuwa, counters the attack.

Deciding to make sure Hikoma will have a good day, the Shinkengers replace the real Gap Sensor with a fake so Hikoma can enjoy himself. However, Chiaki discovers the Ayakashi’s deception, so he tricks Narisumashi into going after the other Shinkengers at Mt.

Telling Chiaki that he is to blame for his friends ending sentau in the hospital, Takeru tells him he should quit if he cannot find a means to counter Rokuroneri’s talent by the next day.

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The General Heads to the Front Lines subbev edit ]. This causes Shitari to fall back and cause the Gap Sensor to detect his movement. Once the two bury the ehglish, the Shinkengers and DaiGoyou confront Dokurobou and take all the clones with DaiGoyou’s light with the englisn one being weakened by Shinken Gold before Super Shinken Pink finishes him off. The Ayakashi Narisumashi appears close to where Chiaki is training, so Chiaki confronts him.

Please offer any alternate translations on the discussion page. The Father and Son Bears [ edit ]. With Shitari taking his leave and ignoring his warning, Oinogare is destroyed by Shinken Gold and Shinken Blue before he resurrects and is destroyed by Ika-Shinkenoh. But because the fight with the Gedoushu has gotten worse, Hikoma may not take his day off. The Curry Samurai [ edit ]. The next day, a rehydrated Yanasudare resumes his attack with the vassals arriving to fight him as Takeru arrives to challenge him.