Nov 5, Rating: As fashion mourns Lagerfeld, his ex-assistant and friend recalls swimsuits worn to the office and pranks played on supermodels Good Bargain Hunting! Overall, this is a well-made film, but it’s polemic as hell. Jul 16, Rating: Bita Sheibani as Leila. FBI is ‘staggered’ to discover human bones belonging to ‘ Native Americans’ among a treasure trove of A tribunal was quickly called, and Soraya’s fate forever sealed.

Anyone interested in what goes on in religio-fascist cultures should see this horrifying and moving film about a woman tortured and ostracized for little reason other than that she’s a woman. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: The case has sparked international outcry and made Nowrasteh furious. The relationship between Soraya and her aunt Zahra Shohreh Aghdashloo provides some of the most heartbreaking moments in the film. Don’t act like the hypocrite, who thinks he can conceal his wiles while loudly quoting the Koran. Arash Kaftoesian as Ali’s Friend. Now, tentative, her husband bends to examine her face. Second Woman Fay Yan

Jim Eoraya as Wangsar Sahebjam. You can see from her face that she simply cannot grasp what is happening to her — or how it can be happening.

R for a disturbing sequence of cruel and brutal violence, and brief strong language. The story takes place injust as Khomeini is coming into power in Iran. This movie is also absolutely beautifully shot with a great score-can’t wait to see if it goes up for an Academy Award.

In person, Nowrasteh is immaculately dressed, gently-spoken and mild-mannered. We know about Sakineh but there are a number of other women on death row in Iran who face being stoned. What’s on Norman’s Watchlist?

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He doesn’t suggest that there’s any type of conspiracy, but it does strike me as odd that this film finds a receptive audience during a time when U. This happens both times, even when the younger daughter has received her necklace already. The film doesn’t do any more sangdar furiously outline this infuriating story. Mother AND her daughter, 19, are accused of murdering two more of her children, her adult sister and two nieces, including nine-year-old twins New study reveals toilet paper use in the U.

The horrific execution scene that got a film banned e-mail. This movie portrays a moment in in an area of the world able to uphold the social graces of the Old Testament era. Does having children make you happy? You may have noticed some of the recent changes we have made. Little girl lies covered in blood under rubble after latest bombardment by There is a roar of fury and the crowd close in.

Florida mother finds horrific hidden clips on video site’s Kids section showing youngsters how to slit their wrists Who keeps America solvent? Ali was too poor to return Soraya’s dowry as custom dictates in a divorce, but he found another way out of the marriage.

Whatever its dramatic flaws, and they are many, this is a movie that, in essence, is more than a movie. He’s best known for killing zombies, but Norman Reedus is more into sketch comedy than action when he’s off-set. Gramsci might say that cultural artifacts “spontaneously” appear as a result of the movif political climate.

The character of Soraya played by by Mozhan Marno is buried to the waist in a hole in the village square and then pelted with stones by her family and neighbours. Surrounded by strife but left with little choice other to wait until his car is repaired, the anxious Freidoune is sorata approached by persistent local Zahra Shohreh Aghdashloowho convinces him to follow her into the courtyard behind her home.


Despite how well-made the film may be, it never rises to anything more than a harsh polemic. Trivia At the location where the jail scene was to be shot a prison riot broke out the day before causing a lockdown and a “prison” had to be constructed. It’s shocking and hard, but I feel like everybody needs to sangsxr this movie to understand what these women are dealing with.

And then there are the repercussions. Katie Price’s statement outside court. Shukreyeh Thijeel sangsad Mourning Woman.

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Kataneh Haya Al Taher Parviz Sayyad as Hashem. Farzaneh Yazdani as Bita. David Diaan as Ebrahim. Former Chris Christie crony slams ex-New Second Woman Fay Yan Edit Did You Know?

The Stoning of Soraya M.

Under Shariah law, adultery is a crime punishable by death if the accused is unable to prove her innocence. Just the previous day, Zahra had watched the men or her town stone an innocent woman to death.

Khalid Khan as Warden.