In addition, I think I liked Mero better before watching this episode. Another character exposition, but I’m long past the point of expecting much from the main story and would have been more satisfied by a slightly decent side story. I was surprised by this. I was waiting for them to show more of Rea’s step mom. That she would make a connection between Rea and her mother because of their shared zombie characteristics is sad, however – she really can’t move forward because she’s looking back. Zombie girl talking to sister. More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: They took the manga part, then made it into a whole episodes.

And she is supa kawaii. The part where she called Rea “Mama”, really nice part. Mixed bag if you ask me. Only to be healed by Rea. Then that reminds her of her mother with not able to feel anything with her feel. BBCode Modified by sisgood, Jun 1, MOE is going to kill again some hearts. Like her or hate her, you gotta admit, she’s kinda cute.

MAYBE it would have been a good episode if it wasn’t after a fucking cliffhanger in which Rea’s crazy ass father kidnapped Chihiro! In addition, I think I liked Mero better before watching this episode.

Her legs are another thing being exposed a little more but regardless the emotional toll in the park was nicely shown.

She’s jealous of her for being able to do every house chore, and wanting to help out. So yeah, IMO, this episode blew big time. I was surprised by this.


Sankarea Episode 3 English Dub

That poster, thought Mero was flat. Rea did win a few points with me this episode when she made her self scarce to avoid getting involved between Chihiro and Ranko.

She doesn’t remember much about her mom except for the animee that her hands are wrapped in bandages. About the mother being a zombie and failure. Mero episode,must say it was not a bad filler since i like Mero but to bad that the filler in the end was more about her friends then her at least spisode the end.

Sankarea Episode 3 English Dub – Dailymotion Video

Wasn’t bad for a side story imo. BBCode Modified qnime sisgood, Jun 1, Not that it was especially peculiar for someone living in a temple, but it wasn’t something I expected to see in anime. This was the first episode i actually liked. It’s not Naruto you know. Couldn’t the naime just be about her and her friends and sankrea. Too bad this one was not so interesting.

Mero’s friends are cute too. She feels isolated and alone maybe even fighting depression?

Sankarea Episode 9 Discussion

Sankarea Episode 9 Discussion. For me, Chihiro’s family has always been more interesting, as personalities, than the main cast.

I loved afterward the depiction of the one of them in the spoiler first of all so MOE with her being clumsy, then those bones with blood in the thrash. I can’t explain it in words.


BBCode “In both love and octopus-hunting, you have to take the initiative! What was interesting was Mero copying the Heart Sutra, usually done epsode good karma. Mero was really cute. It will be more about Step Mother’s past, why she got chosen to be the bride, some fan service to show off her body and most of all her tying in to Chihiro and Rea.

I’m surprised at the lack of people saying stuff along the lines of “WTF happened to Chihiro?! I would have like to see how the cliffhanger last episode is resolved. About the beginning, well it was nice to see Mero in full view and the shrine in plain view.

At first I panicked and thought I missed sankafea episode or 2 somewhere or [hadena] was trolling me lol. In the following, One cannot looks away at this depiction of a caring mother caring for Mero when she is a kid and in pain.

Sister mentioned about zombie girl in her house, which got one of her friends curious and wanting to see her. Especially for the fact that Mero sees in Rea her mother.