Kusum says I did not tell her anything. Kalika smiles and leaves. Kusum says does Diid know that i married you. Hrithik Roshan – Sussanne Seperation, Relationship Kumud says you did not do this right, accept your mistake. He says I did not know I would get you married like this. Jodha Akbar – 3rd January Written Update.

Danny was not stopping even when Saras asked him to stip, but I had to take his passport, Kusum says why are you doing this with me, stop all this, why are you after me, if you believe in marriage, then go back to Pramad and show me keeping your marriage. Newer Post Older Post. Vidyachatur says Kusum always trusted Kumud more than me. Kumud and Saras see them fighting and look at each other. Saras has then drawn the smiley on his hand. Saras says we should be with the one whom we love and Kusum is with the one who loves her by heart. Saras looks at him angrily.

Danny tells Kusum that he is her husband and thanks her for coming in his life. Kumud says you should be with Kusum now. Saras is happy to see him and hugs him. Danny and Kusum bring the Chakri in the hall. Saras says I saraswatichanera come in the evening and leaves. Kumud says you did not do this right, accept your mistake.

Saras comes and says Kaka, Danny was taking care of sarawsatichandra assignment, he knows the client, he will take care of this very well. Kusum says I will go by taking lift. Vidyachatur calls Saras sarqswatichandra Saras tells him not to worry and start the preparations for leaving and he will talk to Danny. Kumud says does Danny know what you did.


He apologizes to Kumud and says if possible, forgive me, I have given you much pain, but I will pray for you that life does not bring us infront of each other. Scene 1 In Ankhoon mein writtej plays, jalal and jodha are sitting on bed, jalal makes jodha lie on bed, they both lie on bed, jodha kisses j Yash is coming and sees Kalika talking with Pramad.

Telly Written Updates: Saraswatichandra 12th December Written Episode

Saras asks Danny to greet him. Saraswatichandra – 19th December Written Update Rating: Kumud says no and leaves. Like 0 Dislike 0. She looks at her in the mirror again and puts water near the sindoor part of her head.

Blogger Comments Facebook Comments. Pramad picks the mangalsutra and …… says atleast respect this, if not me. Danny says so should I lie to him.

Pramad says I m fine and leaves. Badimaa comes and asks Guniyal to stop it. Pramad says because that time, I did not know its significance, but now I know it. Aastha to face the wrath of her in-laws in Star Pl Jodha Akbar 27th November Written Update Scene 1 Jodha is doing puja of tulsi when jalal comes and takes aarti before jodha can ask. Badimaa says then why did you punish yourself and Saras. Vidyachatur talks to Gyaan on phone and asks him to take care of his dad.

Kumud says how will you do it, they have got married now, you have broken their trust and the will to live. Badimaa comes to Kumud and says come soon, Pannaben is waiting, Kumud says with whom should I do this ritual.

Saraswatichandra 16th December Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Kusum is still waiting for Saras in her room and thinks how will I go infront of him. Jodha Akbar 1st November Written Episode. Jodha Akbar 29th November Written Episode Scene 1 adham is taking massage when someone throws stone at him, he ask soldier to see who Page 1 of 1. Pramad comes to Decembeg and sees her tensed. Find Us On Facebook. A password will be e-mailed to you.


Kalika comes and says Kumud, Guniyal is calling you. She says you are not the one whom I loved, you are going without taking revenge for your insults, wear these bangles, spisode will look good on you. Saras says its not safe. Its me, who will never change.

Kumud says I will talk to mum. Think whether you can bear me. Find Us On Facebook. When Raqesh surprised Shilpa with his “palette” epizode Danny says I was going, someone else stopped me.

Saras asks Kumud what should we do now.

Kusum and Danny greets him. Vidyachatur says will they come together. He says these are the divorce papers, I have signed on it.

Danny says the one I loved, has cut her nerve and called me a cheater and went back home, and you are asking me to have food. Pramad says maybe you are right.


Kusum sits for the ritual. Saraswatichandra – 9th December Written Saraswatichanvra He says nothing was easy for us, but you never left me. Saraswatichandra – 9th December Written Updat