If you double click, Strong Bad will pick up the pace a little. Also, holding down the A button will make Strong Bad try to follow your cursor as diligently as a one-legged puppy. Even further, you’ll find the fence. The following are “major deaths” noted by Strong Bad laughing strongly after the death: Strong Bad totally stole this from his nerdy little brother Strong Sad. Examine any pile of Whatsit along the way to add to your Exploration score. Lady Snake Parade” and “50 times cooler than Snake Boxer 2: The other four items required for major deaths are hidden in various locations in the game.

Head over to Marzipan’s. Either one doesn’t matter in this case. Talk to Coach Z to learn more about the race. And if you haven’t already, get hedge clippings from it. Marzipan might like the candy, but she won’t take it from Homestar directly, and The King of Town is prowling the area with a nose for chocolate. Let’s try to find out why. If the King gets the chocolate, you’ll have to return to Bubs to get more. The King of Town won’t see the hole now that it’s covered by hedge clippings and he’ll fall right in.

Check Homestar’s locker and remove his clothes. It’s what Strong Bad uses to get from point A to place B. Talk to Bubs about the Total Load to receive it. Select on it to Equip it onto the Pointer. You can now continue making Teen Girl Squad comics. Open Pom Pom’s locker and put Total Load into his bag. And grab the clippings if you need them.


That means that “Homestar” now has the best “legal” time and you’ll receive the trophy! Share directly to my status. Use the shears to decapitate it. Examine the microphone again to add to your Exploration rating. Answered Is this series Wii U compatible? Leave through the front path or open the map.

Strong Bad Episode 1: You’ll have lost your onion, but gained Homestar’s clothes. You’ll figure this out as you go. Ask about the Snake Boxer manual, too. Personal tools Log in.

SBCG4AP Episode 1: Homestar Ruiner Trophies

The balloons and the Wpisode float’s head should be in your inventory. Even further, you’ll find the fence. Cheerleader receiving the megaphone during scene 3.

Do stuff that would get Strong Sad out of hiding. After you’re finished with all you want to do here, use Homestar’s phone to call Marzipan. Peek under it to find a page to your Snake Boxer manual.

Midget Thumb Wrestler 3. Today is Alright 4 2Nite. Feel free to take it.

Don’t have an account? Unfortunately, Strong Bad is no great athlete and is woefully underprepared for the race. The Icons in the Talk Balloons represent Topics to discuss. While you’re here, ask him about your Snake Boxer manual. He will get upset at her and kick the phone away.

Any girl receiving the ringtone and the text msg, in that order. The Poopsmith is shoveling near the Hall of Records.

Strong bad episode 1 trophy guide – ΔΙΑΔΙΚΤΥΑΚΟΣ ΚΟΜΒΟΣ

Use the metal detector to find another treasure to mark. The guard key draws the snake back instead of defending, but holding the button down allows your snake to breathe fire, causing more damage. Crawl to the end of the vent and drop down to steal Homestar’s record. Choose Angel Icon to epiwode something nice, or the Devil Icon to be more of a jerk. This item is incompatible with Strong Bad Episode 1: But let’s make some preparations first.


He’s probably crying over losing it right now. Examine the hole The King of Town fell into to get some more Exploration points. Use your shears trophh make another hedge sculpture.

SBCG4AP Episode 1: Homestar Ruiner Trophies | TrueTrophies

tfophy You can’t do anything about it now, but Strong Bad will leave a marker for later. Ring Marzipan’s doorbell four times to add to your Nuisance rating.

Not only will he not catch you, but in his confusion, he’s left Homestar’s criminal record unguarded! And Homestar is also through with Marzipan and has a public nudity charge against him! Homestar Ruiner – Walkthrough.

Lady Snake Parade” and “50 times cooler than Snake Boxer 2: Afterwards, use the magnifying glass on Strong Sad to e;isode it to him.

Marzipan will see the float’s head