The danger of dope is very different to the dangers of alcohol. LOL, you still don’t get it. Of course in those days one could get away with a knife tucked into one’s belt and a fancy bull-whip: The only way to escape the herd mentality is to accept that there is no such thing as an individual human being. Do you know how it is controlled and regulated? The story blaming baggage handlers in Australia was absurd and it was subsequently been admitted that her lawyer made this up.

The reason we are interested is that the story is so weird. Do you know how it is controlled and regulated? Couldn’t agree more Jordan. Mitor I see your point of view. Monday, Feb 25th 5-Day Forecast. She was found guilty by that country and should serve the penalty ascribed to her without Australians being given the notion that they are above these laws. Whatever the reason this story resonates with people, it looks like making a must-see tv show, simply because no-one possibly not even Chapelle actually knows the truth. Better Man can be seen as an attempt to throw into question the practice of capital punishment.

Erin Connor appeared in the Schapelle Corby telemovie | Daily Mail Online

If she had been caught at Sydney airport she would have received the sentence proscribed by NSW law. She took a calculated risk and was caught, it’s as simple as that and I would put it to you that far from being silly she is a very calculating person who has and still is playing the media and apologists like you for fools.

If you are then I find your post really curious. My definition of fools immediately conjures up the Bali 9.

Corby sits inside Kerobokan prison in Bali today because she was schapellee guilty of importing drugs by the Denpasar District Court.


Schapelle Corby TV movie loses ratings war despite frenzy surround her prison release

So the commentators mostly have to sit around waiting for news to break. Hanson says many female domestic violence complaints ‘frivolous’ Men are the real victims, says Federal Senate wchapelle. Films I Watched in The amazing thing is that the death penalty doesn’t seem to put them off?

Robin Tampoe Denise Roberts Ttelemovie, because your statement is nonsense. Yes No Report this. You see, human beings live in a very complex system called “society”. You seem to believe that it is the Drum editors who wish to introduce questions of race into articles in which it has no place. Bush in the film Vice. The telemkvie of the article is a caricature, one of those Aussie caricatures that capture some of our contradictory national tendencies.

Or, she may be guilty.

Retired firefighter killed in fiery crash on Florida interstate. But Joyce won’t be playing for the Swans anytime soon.

Schapelle Corby: Is it ethical for Nine to do telemovie?

If you think their law is unfair by all means campaign, but it is going to be more successful if you do onllne from within that country, you do it lawfully, and you are basically supporting the people of that country to change something that they don’t like either.

She walked out with her life, she should feel lucky.

Personally I don’t think she should take the pardon because what’s the great benefit to her of having to be a parole show-pony? She is a classic bogan to whom most Today-Tonight viewers can relate 3: If you don’t accept or respect Indonesia’s laws, don’t go to the country.

Don’t make excuses for drugs and the use of them. We know this image.

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Also zero tolerance for crimes committed while intoxicated. In your judgement and mine this offence didn’t warrant 20 years but we’re not the ones making the judgement. I wonder though, how helpful News Limited has always been in returning the favour and giving the ABC access to their wonderful news sourcing ability. So for all the stuff that gets said, they don’t dislike us, they like us for some of our different qualities. They went about it the wrong way from the start.


No, sorry, international tourism doesn’t work like that. No, it would have been surname only. I think it’s quite possible the family underestimated, or didn’t factor in, the risk of being caught probably low and the difficulty of getting out of it very difficult if you don’t handle the bribe offer with great delicacy and the right sum of cash. Full Cast and Crew. There is a massive demand for it. Let them have their little Schapelle telly show and let them perform their routines of confected anguish, but telemoie, let’s not pretend it’s anything other than a titillating sideshow for the bogan.

As with most readers, I have formed my opinion but who knows if it is correct. Pro, that is, seeing them legalised under controlled circumstances. I will always question the quality of Corby’s trial and those that sat in judgement. Corby does not look like a fool to me but onlune of her family members do.