As a matter of fact, I did. They wanna take me out to lunch. Which is a pretty poor joke, I think. Elaine bangs on the window to get Gladys’ attention. How would a venue allow someone to book by just requesting “millennium new years” and not clarifying what that meant, and also there not being any confirmation of the actual date for 20 years. We’re just talkin’ and those are my everyday balloons basically sums up this truly funny episode.

This time he has a large bunch of multi-coloured balloons on ribbons. She definitely made good use of those sponges. The joke is that Newman’s party is on the official New Year’s, which is one year later than the one everybody is actually celebrating. Jerry throws his arms up in exasperation. Hold on a second. He looks surprised and pleased together.

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It’s of himself and Jerry at a previous party, looking happy together. I’ll call for help. Later, srinfeld poisoned by eating desiccant from Putumayo’s clothes that Kramer spilled into a bowl of salsa at the store.

Come on in and greet the Mets. Jerry Seinfeld Julia Louis-Dreyfus See the full gallery.

Kramer asking if the chips are free even though he’s a billionaire, and his waking up from the nightmare is truly hilarious also. Valerie’s not coming over, is she?


So, you need me to get fired. Tell her I don’t want you on her speed-dial.

So it seems like the meaning of the joke is that Newman seonfeld up the venue and just said “I want to book a party for Millennium New Years.

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Cosmo Kramer is one of the most recognizable Seinfeld characters and is often seen carrying out crazy schemes in his apartment. Valerie rises and leaves the room. Well, it’s her mistake. I put a deposit down on that revolving restaurant that overlooks Times Square, and I booked Christopher Cross. What’re you talking about, Seinreld.

So I have been confused about this line ever since the first time I saw the episode aired in I think. He picks it up to read the list of names on the speed-dial, and finds himself promoted to the ’01’ button. So Jerry, my millennium party’s really coming together. Ooh, juicy this time of year. And here’s something I just found out recently. New Year’s Eve nineteen ninety-nine. Wait, wait, Mr Steinbrenner.


The Millennium

Alright, I’ll tell you what I’ll do. George says “since neither of us can keep up with a woman on our own, then both of us working together on one woman will surely work! Lemme just check my messages. Aw, come on there now. Log In Sign Up. Jerry notices that he is on his girlfriend’s speed dial and becomes obsessed with being number one on it. Newman booked his party for December 31st, Elaine, I’m having a millennium party, so save the date. Jerry, I was just at my stepmom’s house, and Epiaode saw that you were on her speed-dial.

This finally brings the ire of Steinbrenner, before Mr. It’s newmaium the most glaring error in the whole series, imo.

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