As the entire editing staff stands on the end of their nerves, Onodera barely makes the deadline with the finished manuscript. An OVA , bundled with the limited edition manga Vol. Hatori arrives and tries to violently hit Yuu, but Yoshino intervenes. On the drive, Onodera reflects on his feelings toward Takano, and Takano reveals the true nature of his relationship with Yokozawa and reminds Onodera that he has loved him for 10 years. Hatori eventually arrives at Chiaki’s place because he still needs to discuss some corrections with Chiaki’s manga. Axis Powers – Paint it, White!

They are finally introduced to each other by Yokozawa in the bookstore. Back at the office, Onodera overhears a conversation between two women, one of whom saw Takano and Yokozawa together the night before. The guy meets up at Kisa’s residence and starts to kiss Kisa when Yukina surprisingly shows up. October 1, [13]. However, Hatori later confesses his love for Chiaki, much to his surprise, along with admitting that he had changed Chiaki’s management behind Chiaki’s back, fearing that his confession would put their relationship on bad terms. Yoshino asks Hatori about his ex-girlfriend, and Hatori says that she is working at the printers and there is nothing between them.

There, he unexpectedly finds Yukina meeting with a girl and watches them as the two walk towards the naughty part of town Kisa knows all too well.

This makes Yuu sob, asking Yoshino why he loves Hatori instead of him.

Afterwards, Yuu comes to visit Yoshino, during which they talk about their plans to go to a spa. The two discuss the future of their relationship.

Later, Onodera encounters Takano at the library and tries to run away. Hatori is touched by how much Yoshino cares for him. August 28, [24].


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He initially considers resigning, especially because he finds his new boss, Masamune Takano, intolerable and unnerving from the very beginning; however, Takano inadvertently convinces Onodera to stick with the job by calling him “useless,” his pride forcing him to stay in order to prove his worth.

Archived from the original on March 11, Retrieved 27 December Hatori’s increasing coldness toward Chiaki begins to take its toll on their friendship, and when pressed on personal matters, Hatori becomes distant. April 1, [15]. When he arrives home, Takano accuses him selai not working hard enough.

January 9, [23]. Hatori and his longtime friend and manga artist he’s in charge of Yoshino, as well as Kisa and the attractive bookstore employee he has his eye on, Yukina. Yoshino calls Hatori to his house as he wanted to clear up the misunderstandings.

Cover of Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi volume 1. Kisa freaks out and cannot concentrate on work because of his constant flashback to the scene with Yukina at the cafe. It is initially rejected by Takano, so he stays late at night working on it. However, Hatori later confesses his love for Chiaki, much to his surprise, along with admitting that he had changed Chiaki’s management behind Chiaki’s back, fearing that his confession would put their relationship on bad yhkina.

Takano invites Onodera to dinner, and though Onodera declines, Takano makes the plan anyway. He is left conflicted in regards to his true feelings toward Takano. Yoshino gets a call from his mother who complains over how he never visits.

Axis Powers – Paint it, White! Super Indiscriminate Decisive Battle! Produced by Studio Deen under the direction of Chiaki Konthe anime series began its broadcast run on April 9, August 1, [12].


Takano denies the rumor about him and Yokozawa and tells Onodera hhatsukoi he is greatly affected by his presence as well, including at his job.

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Chiaki later sees Hatori and Yuu in an alley having what he interprets as an argument between lovers. Onodera argues that it his none of his business and teases Yokozawa that maybe he and Takano were dating. Yukina reveals he himself is a year-old art student.

He remembers the reason he transferred to Marukawa hxtsukoi wonders if he can continue to work as a manga editor. It was released on home-video March 7, It turns out Takano still has feelings for Onodera, and he tells him he will make him fall in love with him again.

Takano recalls memories of the past; his troubles with his family, and how he fell in love with Ritsu. It moved to Asuka Ciel magazine in July where it continued through May World Series — Rurouni Kenshin: Shouta Kisa and his perfect boyfriend Yukina haven’t been able to see much of each other because of Kisa’s work.

Yoshino makes a remark how Hatori and Chinatsu Yoshino’s sister would make a nice couple, which makes Yoshino jealous. The two have a heartfelt moment where Takano calls Onodera by his first name and Onodera calls him “senpai.