Would that explain why he had not called her back yet? A call comes into one of the cell phones and Jae Hee takes the call from a substitute driver. Also, to address LollyPip’s comment about how JH can speak Korean so well after having been in Korea for only 6 years? I always enjoy every episode What I don’t like is, how they didn’t eat all those food after all that preparation! Mu-gak hangs back, telling Cho-rim to stick to the facts, which earns him a raspberry for his bossiness. Detective Yeom is behind a door and pulls out her service weapon. Love your last , especially this, “I love looking out for more parallels and characteristics of these 2 which I believe are written in deliberately, to show over and over again, how they are meant to be together.

Wuri Moo Gak can feel pain in the wound now? Throughout the shopping trip he was already wearing those classic bored expressions that men have when accompanying their women shopping. And as such, he doesn’t try to NOT get caught, he tries to screw with the police as much as possible, just because. I don’t think so Please enter your username or email address. Your email address will not be published.

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That addressing himself as oppa to CR was what confused me But how does it make sense to put her life at risk for the sake of playing matchmaker? Ivoire May 4, at 2: Oh, and please, neither one of episove or both of them can die and then get together for their “happy ending” in the next life?

Does he actively TRY to kill his girlfriend or is he really that incompetent? That is what couples do!!!!!! Why is Yeom using them, then leaving both of them out of the loop? It is 5 o’clock in the morning, and you guys have been cheesy all night. She’s an actress who doesn’t care about how she looks when the camera’s rolling, which is what I really love about her. Curious, Mu-gak notices her intensity and asks when she started to suspect Jae-hee, and she says it was during her conversation with him today.


Now that Cho Rim knows, will she tell Moo-gak straight away? I will coule to rewatch it. Did he have a heart attack, maybe? Hi MonkeySky ” Yes he was holding on darmabeans his fork the whole time he held and kissed Chorim hahaha.

Anything about the couple coupe involves skinship and sweet, warm words would be squee-worthy and wensory harm mentioning it over and over again, right? Feliss May 9, at 6: We’re only halfway through, so I’m curious how the writer will handle the storyline from now on and how soon would the barcode murder case be wrapped.

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That time my comment was only to say that it’s not so in RL so people may get disappointed Highly likely, but the question is will she go looking for him or just write it off as him standing her up? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

I didn’t recognize her. I am convinced this writer really just wanted to write a rom-com. He can’t find the light switch in the dark, but amazingly, the Samsung name on the phone shows up so well!! It all boils down to respect. Analyzing it would ruin the magic. About our MGs orders: I think after Mu Gak introduced her as Oh Cho Rim, Yeom thought that she was just mistaken because of the different names. Jae Hee explains his face blindness condition that makes it impossible dramabeana him to recognize people on sight.

I could be wrong, but I also felt that it might be one of the reasons why Det. Mu-gak had responded that he was possibly using a pseudonym. We’ve been waiting for the police to investigate the connections.

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He walks off with Cho Sensoory in hand wanting to go show his girlfriend off. Who says you need a Russian gf before you can show off your Russian? He bows his head to apologize to Jae Hee for the cops wrongfully suspecting him.


And I drambeans allowed to laugh at this because I have this condition. So yeah, I understood MG’s dejection, and him being upset when she locked the door.

Inside is a lovely dress and Cho Rim pauses to admire it.

He smiles and drives off. Also, detective Oh spilling the beans to a person he just met a few days back I actually understood and liked his process about finding out who CR really was, and what that meant. Mu-gak does the dishes again while Cho-rim watches with hearts in her eyes — who epixode blame her, a guy who does dishes is damn sexy. He looks young kind of. Cho Rim epusode more soup and can barely talk to tell Moo Gak that she knows the taste of this soup.

We are half-way through this drama, I am hoping that it will stay this good until the very end. I was not sure whether it was him feeling pain, or some of his coupl breaking.

P May 2, at 9: Just like she said, all he needs to do is protect her during the investigations, right?

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Yes, I loathe the lazy writing. He figured Jae Hee purposely injured himself to mock the cops. I have never been more impressed of her.

When Mu-gak finds out about the spy app, the first thing he does is telling Chef Kwon that he knows about the spy app even when he is not yet sure. Wonder if that is the only reason he adopted her for. Ivoire April 26, at 1: