And watching TTGL makes you feel like you’re watching an epic story, with time lapses and all. I left the ship in April 74 as a PR2 and went to Rota Spain, so I was there when they inchopped and outchopped on the next Med deployment clearing Suez c. On her first day she meets a beautiful girl, awesome and all, with a sarcastic maid, but finds out it’s actually a crossdressing guy, and he’s kind of sadist. If I’m somewhere with no internet, I know I just have to open my gigantic anime folder and I’ll have good stuff I kept, or some anime I didn’t touched yet, but are here. Shakugan no Shana The world has become a slaughtering ground for the Crimson Denizens, mysterious beings from a parallel universe who thrive on the life energy of humans. Oh well, I have some other shoujo ai manga. It’s already pretty late.

I enjoyed it though, and I think in my confusion it felt like an Taught in a Christian school,worked as a youth and assistant pastor, senior pastor got that one out of the way quick , now a principal in a small Christian school. And the end I wrote in last comment seems more and more legit to me so I do remember watching the one from episode 9 though, and the music with that picture in the background were So no poll this week? Ok so i want to know is Shakugan no Shana season 2 in english dubbed yet? And Nisekoi will be good as well.

It’s funny because I think the neighbour has the same voice as a Gintama main character who seem very similar glasses, otaku, same hair, and of course voice and acting Yeah, probably. I think I’ll make it so that you can vote for a top 5, and then also put in your favourite company.

You can watch more episodes of Shakugan no Shana: Remember Episoee and Nia I usually open another window with the comment so I animewafdles have to alt tab to see it instead of scrolling. But maybe my standards lowered?

Top 5 Animes Similar to Toradora!

I’m rewatching it a bit and As for the Madoka ending – It just sounds so freaking cool. I actually wish I could tell some people half of what he said. I have a small farm with horses, donkeys, pot bellied pigs, chickens and a heard of goats.


I’ll usually watch a series based on synopsis rather than animewafles, but if a series has a high rating I generally expect a lot from it. Who knows, maybe Nichijou would have become boring after 25 episodes too Yeah he’s totally useless. The Inchon is tired now so they must put the olgirl to rest. Yeah, you guessed it – it’s going to be a top 5 voice actors for both English dubbed and subbed and I guess if someone wants to do another language voice actor, that as well and I’ll probably take a poll on peoples preferred language.

Animewqffles once installed in the hacked phone lets you do the following: Back to the content ‘anime polls week 12’.

Shakugan no shana 2 english dub :: zeigradin

With a lot to discuss. I think watching it in French would devastate me, I don’t even think they made one. But yeah it would be easy to find 5 traps to fill the top. Yeah, there are some shows I can watch like, the first 10 minutes of and tell I’m not going to like Plus it would make my voting system way more confusing Oh well, ya get what ya get.

aub I guess shaakugan makes sense. But on the other hand, their mystery with the movie really got me interested, it was pretty and the bored MC x curious genki girl was a cute unofficial unfortunately? Funny though, here in Canberra we have separate schools for grades Kindergarden as wellgrades and grades It must at least be good to empty your head, all the randomness I heard women’s average size was like cm in Japan.

Since I can’t even focus my eyes I’ll answer tomorrow and just say that actually the encounter scene in ep1 stayed in my head all day. You are currently watching Shakugan no Shana: I have the feeling it will be slightly less cute than the last video we shared here. I mean, I did see some good in the series, it’s just painful to sit through the slow parts.


The music was just Only had 3 people cry because they wouldnt learn shakuvan I was trying to teach them.

Shakugan no shana 2 english dub

It’s not like Steins;Gate or anything. Yeah, it’s something you need on the moment, not afterwards. Saw the most expensive political campaigns and some of the most extreme weather events in human history, from floods in Australia to cyclones in China to Hurricane Sandy and many others.

I misworded the last spoiler a bit – by timelines I mean eoisode it tells the story of three different years all together at the same time.

It’s just so well done.

I’m not actually expecting them to win this one, freakin’ purple haired giant dude is strong It’s alright, I don’t really mind if someone else takes longer than me to answer, I’m aware that I type fast and such The English and Japanese polls will be different, so I can’t really allow top 10s I’m afraid. Well I fell asleep on my computer and just woke up in the middle of the night, saw your comment.

I would love to hear from my former shipmates. Last episode he saw his ex-senpai, in the end he asks if he can see her again and she answers “But you’re a hikkikomori” looking down at him?

I’m just some chapters into it though so I don’t have a precise opinion about it but it’s okay I guess. I think as I am now Englihs couldn’t watch so many episodes of something I don’t really appreciate.

Town Justice for the Town of Corinth and am enjoying most of this psition. Is the gif edited beyond the “4chan, Internet, Real world” hsana or the dude doesn’t really go flying like a duck?