Met three danes who were able to tell their association of the time. Many of the leaders had been arrested and a lot of material was filed in the archives of the Shellhus. I see David Drew is planning to go and I am of course very keen to make contact with him. Many thanks for your response to my posting. Is there any plans for the 70th anniversary of the raid using planes from the historical flight? Raidet var nemlig hemmeligt. The third wave came in from west instead of south. The attack has always been seen as a succes because of the many surviving prisoners.

Got the gear down but no brakes , so just coasted to a stop at the end of The raid was carried out at rooftop level and during the first attack, a Mosquito hit a lamp post, damaging its wing and the aircraft crashed into the Jeanne d’Arc School , about 1. Many of the leaders had been arrested and a lot of material was filed in the archives of the Shellhus. Any information would be great. The crew was seen to crawl on top of the floating aircraft by locals at Hven but because they did not have any boats that could go out in the stormy weather they contacted the Island Police who called Landskrona in Sweden for help. Copenhageners are waking up this Sunday morning to a familiar scene on their streets: There were no prisoners in the eastern wing. Retired in after 20, hours of business flying and crop spraying.

Edit Cast Credited cast: Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. The raid was requested by members of the Danish resistance movement to free imprisoned members and to destroy the records of the Gestapo, to disrupt their operations.

The third wave came in from west instead of south. Many of their leaders were arrested and a lot of material was filed in the Gestapo archives in the Shell House Shellhus shhellhuset Danish which was located in Copenhagen.


Operation Carthage – The Shell House Raid – 21st March 1945

It was early morning on 21st that we were briefed and told about Shellhaus. Reblogged this on Lazlo Ferran and commented: The third wave approached Copenhagen from the west, passing the ZOO on their way in. Serially Lost part two Maria Holm.

Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. I wanted to help, but most of all, I just wanted to be shwllhuset there. Flight for Freedom, Ian Allan, London ?? He currently lives in Humboldt, Iowa, and looking forward to celebrating a 60 th wedding anniversary in September.

Operation Carthage

We didn’t know, but they began multiplying on the horizon and came closer. By the end of the Danish resistance movement in Copenhagen was in tilm of being wiped out by the Geheime Staatspolizei Gestapo.

Should I start looking for survivors, or should I just get lost? I have a hard time imagining one of my co-workers would say that, and if they did they should be fired.

Angrebet på Shellhuset () – IMDb

In the fall of several cells were established on the top floor to minimize transportation of prisoners from Vestre faengsel a large prison in Copenhagen to interrogation and torture in the Shellhus.

Denmark DF calls for resignation of German minority chair after he compares them to Nazis. Full Cast and Crew. The two lb bombs ripped off and exploded killing 12 people. Aircraft was at Wing. He did mention the print you talk about and we look forward to seeing it at some stage.

Seventy years on, a first-hand account of “the greatest tragedy Denmark has ever known” – The Post

Below the propeller is a plaque with the names of the RAF crews members who were killed in the attack. We followed 21, and squadrons and filmed as much of the raid as we could. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Operation Carthage. Admiral Carl Hammerich was killed, his body never recovered. The primary objective for the fighters was to attack AA positions in central Copenhagen. The last checkpoint was “Det Ny Teater”, a theatre bimbning the southeastern corner of the most southern of the four lakes.


The primary objective for the Mustangs was to attack flak positions in central Copenhagen. You can view the complete Journeyman Pictures film here. Now instead, I got down on the floor again with my classmates, covering our heads, listening for indications of the next impact. The formation arrived at Bomvning, a lake in western Zeeland, and split up in three waves: How Can You Help? Marcha mysterious accident transforms one of the Second World Wars most complex air strikes into a disaster when British bombers attack Shell House, the Gestapos Head Quarters in Bombnin.

De resterende antal har aldrig kunne opklares; i sommeren var legemsdele svarende til et sted mellem 20 og 40 personer udgravet i ruinerne. Derek obtained those and managed to return the tags to the family, as he told me. If anyone can help, thank you. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Over 80 kids died, it was a mistake, but it was not propaganda. All but one of the planes in the third wave dropped their bombs on the French school killing civilians of whom 87 were children.