A documentary series investigating the destructive links between religion and conflict. Sunday 12 Feb Although it can be an uncomfortable watch at times, this series is timely and essential viewing. Ten Days Inside the Islamic State. So why draw him out of the box of Conan Doyle villains? Long-buried secrets finally catch up with the Baker Street duo as Sherlock and John Watson face their greatest ever challenge.

Now you’re an actor’. Watson find themselves in s London investigating a mysterious ghostly bride who appears to have committed murder from beyond the grave. Ten Days Inside the Islamic State. Not a patch on the new British Sherlock, though. We’d talk about things at breakfast, then go away and write for hours and then come back together at lunch and talk about all three episodes. We’ve only made 13 episodes in six years, so that’s amazing. In , Clapton and Baker were both sick of their respective gigs and decided to form a separate entity with Bruce.

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It’s inflection-free acting and I wasn’t really sure if I could do it. I think we’re all feeling positively nostalgic for Margaret. No publisher was ever more wrong than Artheme Fayard when Georges Simenon, a young Belgian novelist who had already dashed off novels under more than 20 sherlck, submitted a new book.

In the first two weeks of filming his fears were reinforced. Pipe clamped in dherlock jaws, raincoat draped nonchalantly over his shoulders, Rowan Atkinson takes to cleaning up the infested streets of Paris. It has won Emmys, Deries and a Peabody. So his blind spot is the very thing that he purposely turns his head from in order to be as good as he is as a sleuth. Gatiss says his favourite part of the whole Sherlock process is interacting with the fans. So Atkinson convinces as a ruminating and insightful cop who knows his Freud.

Help us find and write the stories Kiwis need to read. But because my hllmes was away, I suggested Steve come and we treat like some kind of writer’s retreat.


Benedict Cumberbatch is back in his comfort zone, and his tweeds, in Sherlock – The Listener

This is your chance to catch up and watch all of season one before season two returns to TVNZ 2! Seventy-five novels, 28 short stories and million sales later, Inspector Jules Maigret, by the time the series ended inwas quite as loved as Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot, despite his lack of eccentricities.

Perhaps, he wants to prove a thing or two. The doco features interviews with band members and industry figures, performance video, rare photos and memorabilia. A bored but whip-smart MI5 security officer becomes obsessed with hunting down a psychopathic assassin in a thrilling cat-and-mouse chase.

Rowan Atkinson plays the French detective Maigret in a new series

Cream Prime, Tuesday, 8. You have to make that relationship grow without taking away from the central friendship of John and Sherlock. If every era gets the Sherlock it deserves, then ours is a hyperactive genius sociopath convinced of his own superiority.

Like his clever disguises, Sherlock Holmes, both the character and the concept, is so malleable he is destined to be reinvented for every era. The opening frame of Maigret Sets a Trap is filled by one of the Notre Dame’s gargoyles gazing over panoramic Paris from its lofty eyrie. Sherlock Benedict Cumberbatch returns with some strange sherllck cases to solve.

It follows six families as they bring a dog into their lives and there is some doggie science to be gleaned, such as why puppies chew everything and why they keep their owners awake. Sunday 12 Feb Season 4, Episode 2 AO Sherlock faces perhaps the most chilling enemy of his long career: Tvns is one approach worse than the seriea A new episode is available to stream every Wednesday.


Maigret hasn’t got a limp or a lisp and he hasn’t got a French accent or a particular love of opera. Japes aside, Moffat says each season starts with them having “lots and lots of conversations”. Think Words but the cultural clash is turned up to 11, tcnz this comparatively quiet English family coming up against a trailer park full of red neck Americans and the odd crocodile. By the end of the week, we’d got so much done on our respective episodes and planning for episode three that, when we arrived back in Britain, Steve said ‘we’ve ssries to go back again’.

Simenon was a fan.

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New research shows that starting early is the key to being biologically younger, but it’s rarely too late to begin. Season one is available to stream for a month from 19 March and season two starts Wednesday 18 April. A documentary series investigating the destructive links between religion and conflict.

Based on the novels and short stories by Arthur Conan Doyle, the contemporary version of the iconic detective and his faithful partner, co-created by Steven Moffat and regular writing partner Mark Gatiss, has drawn criticism from some literary purists.

Correspondence between the public and Barack Obama shows the hopes, fears, triumphs and failures of a nation during and after his historic presidency. Sherlock Sherlock Benedict Cumberbatch returns with some strange new cases to solve.

And was Jones always at the top of the list to play him? AO Sherlock faces perhaps the most chilling sefies of his long career: