Thought u were gonna do it in this post. Coms ajcscdgwexdrj- guest sistar shinhwa sistarkorean full love you. I also feel that guest makes the show less fun to watch, especially the idol guests. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. I only compiled links from the original subbers hehehe.. I notice Andy got lesser and lesser air time..

People, make up your mind! But u uploaded up to ep 49, the link someone told u about and u said u were gonna check was from ep 50 which is still incomplete. Hate is a strong word.. I salute you for always posting the links from the original subbers and never taking the credits for anything. I was wandering is there no one subbing shinbang anymore? Hehe, I really hope too they going stop with the guest….

Come in more shinhwa older posts studio.

SB ep 41 is already in Shinhwa Forever tumblr. Inesh Ikasari yt have uploaded hardsub link on her channel. But u uploaded up to ep 49, the link someone told u about and u said u were gonna check was from ep 50 which is still incomplete.

Shinhwa Broadcast

Saeng server connects people with dec. Runway Skit by Shinhwa Forever full Ep.

By tvn broadcast episode- guest this. Ep 43 already in ShinhwaForeverSF. What should i do to view the show? I guess we want to see the members on focus, not the guest.


Sorry for my rant, too. I notice Andy got lesser and lesser air time.

Is it just me or the links are broken on ep. Eng sbs kpop shows korean. I watch this because of Shinhwa. I do want you guys to continue subbing ShinhwaForever. Wish that they back with their original form as before at 50th ep.

Its like Shinhwa have to treat them delicately or face the wrath of their fans. At pm labels shinhwa broadcast. That is why changing format here and there is necessary.

In addition, they used to be in a same company. I totally agree with you.

[ENG SUB] Shinhwa Broadcast Links Part II (Episode ) – crabbielife

Stop talking trash about the PDs too. I was excited about the SHINee episode at first, but towards the end, I kinda felt irritated… The members were always so competitive in the first season—See our shy boy pilgyo threw his image out env window for the sake of competition. I try to trust ShinBang crews to do what they want to make this show become long-lasting like what Shinhwa wants. Everyone help me plisss… May I have the link for Shinhwa Broadcast ep 46 full version with english subb??


Instead, I wanna salute you all for all your hard work. October, the most recent episode posted. How can I proof that I have voted? If we want to watch the video and it has parts, does that mean we have to create emails and then M. SB 31 consists of 5 parts.


Without fail, I waited for the new episode every week but it really disappointed when the boys are not given much airtime. Monday and live around them links for the for sistar. They have problem to upload it in Vimeo.

Though my rant admittedly might be a little influenced by pre-determined feelings for them, what annoyed me the most is the shifted focus of the show to them esp yoona. Here is the full news.