Waist – Chain of Shadow. Tuesday, 1 November Cataclysm Combos – Tier 7. Posted by Unknown at What more screams ‘insane warrior’ than the Horsemans helm and the Dark Edge of Insanity axe! Waist – Moonrage Girdle. But I had a lot of fun! Sunday, 13 November Cataclysm Combos – Tier 8.

World of Warcraft Warcraft WoW transmog mog mixed mail and leather request anonymous mogs-inc. Boots of Septic Wounds. Back – Marked Cloak of Command. Back – Cindercloth Cloak. Mage – Valorous Kirin Tor Garb. Battle for Azeroth-mog Of course I spent a good while creating a transmog for my protection paladin for the Battle for Azeroth-launch. Hands – Smooching Gloves. Focusing Energy Epaulets Back:

You could purchase these items by becoming honoured with the correct faction, and this was not too difficult a challenge because as you leveled whether through questing or dungeons by the time you hit level 70 sooemn would have had the rep to buy a few bits of these pvp sets.

Oh My Mog!

But I had a lot of fun! That being said, if I create a mog for you and you are not satisfied, make sure to let me know and I will completely re-do it!


We did it, Salandria and I. Hands – Fists of Mukoa.

Like the maze in the riddle solving chain that leads to the Lucid Nightmare mount. Head – Casque of Flame. No Honor No Pauldrons! Mimiron drops the 10 man head and 25 man gloves. Boots of Septic Wounds. Gloves of Brawn, waist: I had to swim through the room of The Upside-Down Sinners twice. In a fascinated, terrified and adored way. Waist – Peerless Belt. Shoulders – Swiftarrow Shoulderguards.

Druid of the Flame by houdao Weapon – Staff of the Plaguehound. Priest – Valorous Garb of Faith. Located throughout Northrend, the Argent Crusade are the faction in Wrath of the Lich King that play the biggest role.

March 3rd, 2015

Gauntlets of the Bold. Gnomish Water Sinking Device Main hand: Legs – Rended Earth Leggings. Shaman – Seer’s Ringmail Battlegear. Weapon – Spire of Coagulated Globules. When requesting a mog, the more detail you provide the closer it will be to what you envision it to be.


Legs – Legplates of Failing Light. Hunter – Stalker’s Chain Battlegear. Head – Stormrage Cover.

Shoulders – Shoulderpads of Abhorrence. Super proud of the turnout! The Horseman’s Horrific Helm. Bracelets of Wrath Hands: Of course I shohlderguards a good while creating a transmog for my protection paladin for the Battle for Azeroth-launch. Background Illustrations provided by: Also, these shoulderguards have a ram head on them.

Oh My Mog! ~ Warcraft Transmogs

Head – Brittle Flamereaver Mask. Like I love certain Lovecraft-stories or scary movies, despite the horror is almost too much for me to handle. Cloak of the Darkmoon Faire Chest: Remember that I cannot poke inside your mind and make something perfect for you without thw. Mage – Valorous Frostfire Garb.